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Friday 4 May 2018


The Biafra Times | May 4, 2018

We IPOB note with dismay the criminal and deliberate misrepresentation by the Yoruba online media site  Sahara Reporters regarding our May, 30th heroes remembrance day. It is deplorable that Sahara Reporters chose to falsify and twist our 30th of May sit-at-home press statement to give another meaning to that which was intended.

The proprietor of this internet news platform is supposedly running for the office of the president of Nigeria. By this willful and deliberate distortion of facts, he has demonstrated that he is a liar like all other establishment politicians and should never be trusted. He is a liar and manufacturer of fake news. Nobody should share the fake news from their site regarding our sit-at-home because it's fake.

Biafraland comprises of South East, South South Lower Benue and Kogi. IPOB sit-at-home directive is application all over Biafraland and beyond not just the South East. For Sahara Reporters to falsely report that our sit-at-home is confined to the South East alone means they have predetermined agenda to mislead and divide Biafra for their own selfish interest.

Sowore is one of those that thinks Nigeria is so lazy that it cannot survive without crude oil coming from Biafraland. If not, we do not see any reason why his news platform, Sahara Reporters, should be trying ever so hard to confine Biafra to the South East alone when by their own admission there are Igbos in other parts of South South namely Rivers, Cross River and Delta states. Let us not forget that we have Igbos in Benue State as well.

We expect anywhere there are Biafran communities in Arewa core north to observe the sit-at-home come May, 30th. Sahara Reporters is one of those news outlets torn between objective reporting and preservation of their corrupt one Nigeria. Biafrans are advised to always verify any news published by Sahara Reporters because it could be false or fake news.

30th of May 2018 sit-at-home will be observed from Southern Kaduna to Badagry in Lagos State. Between now and then, there will be a lot of misinformation from corrupt Fulani caliphate friendly one Nigeria media outlets like Sahara Reporters. Their aim as always is to confuse, sow seeds of disunity among Biafrans and confine IPOB led Biafra agitation to the South East in order to alienate South South and make Biafra an Igbo affair only.

Our leader Gen. Philip Effiong was the head of state of Biafra and a Biafran hero, so how can Sowore and his Sahara Reporters expect Akwa Ibom State not to honour him with a sit-at-home on the 30th? How about Col. Achuzia, is Sahara Reporters saying that Delta State should not honour him? Chief Frank Opigo the father of Biafra is an Ijaw man from Baylesa State, is Sahara Reporters implying Baylesa State should not honour him?

IPOB sit-at-home is all over Biafra and Nigeria. Ignore the distracting antics of some Zoo sponsored media.


IPOB Online Media Team

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