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Saturday 12 May 2018

Derogatory Comment By Alhaji Abdulkarim Daiyabu: Ohaneze Ndigbo, SS, And SE Leaders, Brought This Insult On Biafrans - IPOB

May 12, 2018

IPOB Press Statement

The derogatory comment about the forcible relocation of Biafrans away from their ancestral land of Biafra, divisively categorized into Igbos and Niger Delta, credited to one Arewa core northerner Alhaji Abdulkarim Daiyabu a derogatory comment about the forcible relocation of Biafrans away from their ancestral land of Biafra, divisively categorized into Igbos and Niger Delta, credited to one Arewa core northerner Alhaji Abdulkarim Daiyabu a supposed democrat, did not come to us as a surprise because Ohaneze Ndigbo, PANDEF and politicians from the region don't command any respect and are nothing but cowards at the beck and call of the Fulani caliphate. These are the sort of statements you get from people that cannot envisage their survival without oil and gas from Biafraland. It speaks volumes about who they are in the sense that they see the flawed British amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates in 1914 as an act of divine providence. Where Allah through Britain gave them a passport to free ride on the back of other people. Only an economic invalid or chronically lazy person, together with his constituents, will posses such a primitive mindset and be proud of it.

Had politicians from the South East/South South and their so called socio-cultural leaders been chosen from amongst the people by the people rather than being stealthily appointed by Fulani caliphate, these misguided utterances would not have found its way into a national discussion worthy of our response. We therefore blame the politics of acquiescence and appeasement of the South East and South South political class who should view these frequent derogatory utterances from the Fulani north as a shameful indictment of their one Nigeria mantra.

When our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was around and touring Biafraland to spread the gospel of redemption, no Arewa or Fulani man ventured to make such a comment. But in his absence today, every manner of personality are rising up in the north to insult the people of Biafra (South East/South South). That Ohaneze Ndigbo and South East governors conspired with Fulani caliphate to engineer the military invasion of the South East in September 2017 to eliminate Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the one person the Fulani caliphate feared most, left our land open to ridicule by semi-illiterates who are not particularly blessed with the ability to reason things through before uttering them.

We view the rant of this very Alhaji among other Alhajis from the north, as the continuation of the oil in the Niger Delta belongs to Jigawa narrative. This preposterous assertion, as bizarre as it sounds may have found some traction among the elites in the north hence this provocative comment. There is a misguided school of thought in the north that thinks Nigerian military might defeated Biafra during the war. They are of the opinion that this Fulani Islamic army could be deployed once again to ethnically cleanse Biafraland to allow Fulani unrestricted access to our resources. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What Nigerians must know is that without the intervention of Britain there was no way Nigeria could have defeated Biafra, not in a million years. It would be a mistake this time for the Fulani caliphate to take the support of their historic ally Britain for granted because a Trump White House is markedly different from that of Richard Nixon. It was Britain that used it's global status to fight and defeat Biafra both diplomatically and militarily, not Nigeria. Core northerners should stop deceiving themselves because in a time of crisis as we are entering now, their stooges in Ohaneze Ndigbo and government houses will not be calling the shots, the people through IPOB will.


1 comment

  1. Comrade, I always enjoy your write-ups and response to foolish and coward statements and comments made by Hausa-Fulani jihadists and their co-conspirators in present-day Nigerian State. Some Igbo politicians, religious leaders, royal fathers and elders are the ones delaying the restoration of Biafra nation. However, If IPOB and various Biafra groups are not seeking military support from America, Israel and others for this final battle with Hausa-Fulani, we might as well as give up our quest for restoration of Biafra. Because, the lazy and illiterate Hausa-Fulani and the Yoruba cowards will unite to fight us again. They may even get some of our so-called SS to turn against. So far, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has done an excellent job to unify most Biafran people but these lazy jihadists will not let Biafra go without a fight. It's not just about crude oil, they cannot afford to loose Igbos. Without Igbos, Nigeria is a complete shithole. The Igbos are the ones that make Nigeria thick. And they know it.


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