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Saturday 3 March 2018

Biafra: The Inhumane Treatment Meted On Biafrans By Proponents Of One Nigeria

By Chidiebere Eberechi Kalu || For Biafra Writers

March 3, 2018

Democracy in the contraption called Nigeria is a mere tool for propaganda. The freedom of speech is like an imaginary shadow seen on the pages of newspapers and heard from the speeches of politicians but in practice, it is being manipulated with intimidation in the highest level even when the person is speaking with facts and have enough evidence to back-up his statement, he is either ignored or persecuted with false allegations or maligned with baseless charges. This always happens when someone talks or criticises the corrupt practices and bad administration of the government.

Biafrans living in the evil forest called Nigeria are mainly intimidated by government officials, security agencies and even the judiciary cannot guarantee justice for the common man, especially Biafrans whom are been killed on daily basis by Hausa/Fulani soldiers and Fulani terrorist herdsmen who claims to be in the same indivisible country with the Biafrans. The Fulanis in this present administration occupies the highest ranking positions in the military, the Nigeria Police and every other agencies of the government that are licensed to carry guns. They also occupy the most influential positions in the executive and judicial arm of the government which they use against the Biafran citizens.

The perpetual hatred the Fulani/Islamic government harbour against Biafrans makes them torment Biafrans via their policies on issues concerning economics, security and politics. Biafrans are being tortured in the sense that harsh and evil policies are always placed on the area of the economy they engage most. For instance, Biafrans are good in commerce, importation and distribution of goods and services but their goods are not allowed to pass through their own seaports but rather forced to travel all the way from Biafraland to Yoruba land to clear their goods when they can easily do that in their own ports in Calabar, Onitsha, etc. Biafrans always complain of suffering while traveling hundreds of kilometres away from home to Lagos where they pay dues to the corrupt and cruelsome Nigerian custom officers. Sometimes, their goods end up being seized or damaged even after paying huge amount of money for clearance.

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These inhumane treatments are perpetrated against Biafrans because of the harsh policies of the government where household materials and provisions, even clothings are branded contraband. These deadly strategy was implemented during the administration of Olusegun Obasanjo which has been used to torment Biafran businessmen and women who are trying to ake out a living from the bad economic conditions which accelerates poverty rate in Nigeria.

Biafrans' life means nothing to the Nigerian security agencies who arrest, incarcerates and kills them extrajudicially. Biafrans are in various prison facilities without trials or taking them to lawcourts. They are being subjugated to the worst punishment ever. The Biafrans in the military hardly get promoted rather, they would be sent to engage in deadly and dangerous missions without adequate equipment and resources. They also use this medium to reduce the Biafran population.

In Biafraland, police and military checkpoints can be seen short distances. Biafrans are been harassed by these security operatives who forcefully extorts monies from them. Commuters and commercial drivers in Biafraland are always at risk of being shot either by a soldier or a policeman for refusing to give bribe/monies to them.

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Even after seeing all these anomalies, some selfish politicians out of hypocrisy claims the country is one and indivisible, so that they can continue to be in power and loot the national resources and treasury of the country which is gotten from Biafraland. Since gaining their "partial" independence from the British, Nigeria has only had one civilian president from the Biafran extraction. Biafrans are never allowed to fully take charge of political offices in Nigeria without being bamboozled and frustrated out of office. Biafrans are not even in control of their various states and communities since their fate is determined somewhere in Abuja. They are being ruled by foreigners. Biafrans are not safe in Nigeria that is why they want to restore their ancient nation, Biafra.

Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
Contact us: [email protected]

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