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Thursday 15 March 2018

Biafra: IGP's order for Southern Vigilante groups to submit their weapons, a disguise to continue aiding and abetting the killing of Biafrans

Akubumma Princewill || For Biafra Writers

Friday, March 16, 2018

Nigeria's Inspector General of Police, IGP, Ibrahim Idris Kpotun, a northern Muslim has in the previous week ordered that all licensed guns in the possession of civilians, vigilante groups, and neighbourhood securities in the South-east of Nigeria be submitted for proper licensing and registration otherwise such persons who are in possession of such firearm will have his home raided and prosecuted afterwards for possession of illegal arms.

This order was given amidst the tension building up in the country following the impunity with which the terrorists in guise of Fulani herdsmen has been going about their activities which includes wanton killing of innocent people with sophisticated weapons and getting away with it while the government of Muhammadu Buhari has done little or nothing to nip the menace in the bud.

The inspector general of police as noted, has never given such similar orders to his men to enter the villages and bushes to tackle these terrorists herdsmen, confiscate their lethal weapon and bring them to justice rather out of nepotism, he pointed out reasons why he would not arrest them or use brute force against them as he and his men in collaboration with the military have been using such force in cases involving peaceful unarmed civilian protesters/agitators in the Southeast and South-South geopolitical zone. Shockingly, the Police Chief made it clear that the use of brutal force cannot be deployed against terrorist Fulani herdsmen because according to him, they are Nigerian citizens.

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From his line of thoughts, one may keep wondering whether other components of the Nigerian union are not the real citizens of Nigeria and so must face the wrath and iron fist of the security agencies. Such is the kind of oppression and subjugation the Biafrans of Eastern Nigeria has been going through for ages.

From the history involving gun control around the world, any student of history must have known that such move has never helped any group of people who are oppressed in any part of the world, rather it always leads to mass murder and misery.

No matter the kind of twisted names given to this sinister move, the fact still remains that such kind of tactics has been employed in many countries with the resultant effect so devastating to the victims of the atrocious crimes against humanity.

Recall that in the time past in Europe, Germany to be precise, such order was issued and many Jews were rounded up and massacred mercilessly because they have nothing to which to defend themselves. The same happened in Asia were many oppressed Cambodians and Chinese people were rounded up and killed without any resistance. The same trend continued in so many other parts of the world, and it is gradually coming to Nigeria in recent times.

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Since the amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorates by the British, a section of the union that makes up what is today known as Nigeria, the Biafran people of the old Eastern region of Nigeria, has been enduring long series of oppression, subjugation and mass murder/genocide of her people till date using one form of guise or another to perpetrate injustice against them.

Despite their ordeals, the world seemed to have developed deaf ears to their outcry and sufferings which has now escalated in this present regime of President Muhammadu Buhari and his Hausa/Fulani  kinsmen who has taken control of almost every top security positions in the country since 2015, thereby using the influence of their positions to commit all sorts of atrocities against Biafrans and non-Hausa/Fulani Muslims in the country.

Their foot soldiers, the Fulani herdsmen has been killing thousands of innocent citizens on daily basis all over the country since 2015 till date without any serious and skillful intervention from the government of the day. The Fulani cattle herders cum terrorists are joined in one association known as 'Miyetti Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria, MACBAN' of whom their sponsors and patrons are some of the wellknown political leaders in the country, yet, the government always feigns ignorance of this while deceiving the masses that they are running investigations into the heinous crimes committed by these blood sucking, terrorist herdsmen of the Hausa/Fulani folks whom have been sent out by their masters and patrons to forcefully islamize Southern Nigeria through the gun barrels and to reduce their population.

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These terrorist Fulani herdsmen has been carrying automatic rifles and other numerous dangerous weapons and going about their nefarious activities unchecked and uninterrupted by the Nigerian security agencies. They have been seriously engaged in killing and sacking Christian communities, yet the Nigerian police and military whom are mostly Islamic Fulani fundamentalists from the northern region of the country keep looking the other way as if nothing is happening. But ironically, they are ever ready to wage war against any group or embittered citizens of the country who dares to courageously venture to protest on the streets against the activities of the herdsmen, only for them to turn to the pages of the newspapers to tell lies to the world that nothing has happened even when visible shreds of evidence abound, indicting them on such atrocities.

We, the Biafrans are appealing to the consciences of men and women of goodwill across the world to support the move for a United Nation's monitored referendum as being proposed by the Indigenous People of Biafra, so that we can determine our own future and freedom.

The Biafra Times
Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue

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