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Wednesday 15 November 2017

Election Boycott: Festus Keyamo contracted by Lai Mohammed’s Ministry of Information to destabilize IPOB ahead of Anambra guber polls - Inside Report

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By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Chief Editor, The Biafra Times

November 15, 2017

Barely four days to the anticipated Anambra governorship election, with the Nigerian government fearing the election boycott order by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, will inscribe a devastating and indelible mark on some strategic Local government areas of the State touted to be IPOB’s stronghold, has established a UK-based media management team in the Ministry of Information headed by Lai Mohammed to propagate and disseminate all forms of falsehooods on a sustained media attack which is targeted to destabilize and sow the seed of confusion and disarray in the camp of IPOB and its teeming supporters and sympathizers ahead of the guber polls in Anambra State, report has revealed.

According to the credible and reliable report from an inside source in the Presidency, a famous legal practitioner and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Festus Keyamo, was among those contracted by the Federal government to spearhead the media onslaught against IPOB and its leadership so as to dismantle their sustained campaign towards the Saturday election boycott in Anambra State.

Keyamo’s partnership in the UK consortium that has taken over the contract to dismantle IPOB’s indivisibility and “No election campaign,” has seen the legal practitioner in recent times, dishing out all kinds of unsavoury and unfounded statements against IPOB.

According to a collaborating report, “Lai Mohammed’s Ministry of Information has been taken over by a UK-based media management team. Therefore, IPOB should expect more sophisticated forms of media attacks from all quarters including international media groups. They should brace up for a new kind of ultra-negative media coverage from Nigerian newspaper houses in the next 3 days. They’ll continue attacking IPOB on all fronts with more fabricated stories and outright lies.

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“There is a total media blackout on IPOB. Festus Keyamo after writing memo after memo and pleading to be given the contract to dismantle IPOB, was finally appointed last Thursday as the local head of the UK consortium that has taken over the propaganda work against IPOB.

“The target of this new Festus Keyamo-led partnership is to damage the standing of IPOB so that Anambra residents will come out and vote on Saturday. They know that if Biafrans boycott the elections on Saturday, Biafra has come. It’s as simple as that.”

The above narratives, therefore, stand to give credence to the reason why there has been a sustained barrage of false reportage against IPOB in the media in recent times.

They had earlier engineered a particular report that members of IPOB threatened potential voters with death and unfounded statements of alleged plans to disrupt the Saturday election in Anambra state.

The media consortium came later to inform the world that a shadowy and non-existent international Radio Biafra had sacked the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu over some spurious and baseless allegations of compromise, highhandedness, and misappropriation of funds.

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Recently, they came up with the irrational and laughable narrative that the cache of arms and ammunitions intercepted by the Nigerian authorities from Turkey in Lagos port some weeks ago was imported by IPOB.

All these shenanigans being played out by the Federal government and its cohorts against IPOB, we understood, is a deliberate and desperate efforts to tarnish their image, discredit their struggle for an independent nation and to substantiate their spurious claim and tagging of IPOB as a terrorist organization.

It is quite unfortunate that a lawyer(Festus Keyamo) reputed to be in defence of human rights, will descend so low as to join the bandwagon of media onslaught against innocent freedom fighters but alas, in Nigeria as a theatre of absurdities, nothing surprises anymore as people can simply subscribe to shady deals with the government to sustain their living.

The Biafra Times 2017
Publisher: Charles Opanwa
Contact us: [email protected]

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