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Saturday 21 October 2017

Biafra: The Virulence Of The Dancing Python Over Its Immunity

By Chikwas Onu Ikpe | For Biafra Writers

October 21, 2017

From the incipience, I prevised the artifice of the "dancing python" as being instrumental to beclouding its instincts and motives.

Sequel to the recent gory onslaught of the Biafran people by the Nigerian army [under the aegis of Buhari-led government], courtesy of Operation Python Dance II, the murderous Nigerian army have continued unabatedly towards the targeted annihilation of the Biafran populace. To effectuate this villainous intent, they had delved into a "benignly" cataclysmic gambit to dispensing "Free Medical Services" to the Biafran people, most of whom are sane and sturdy.

The sudden military usurpation of power has justified the dubitable state of the "Democratic Nigeria". If Tukur Buratai, the Chief of Army Staff, could wake up one morning, and renege on the judicial system of the Federal government of Nigeria (by breaching her jurisdictional powers), where is her democracy? If Buratai could declare a "Medical Outreach" without the assent of the Federal and State Health ministers; where then exists the democracy? Bear it in mind that these are soldiers who are supposed to solely defend the territorial integrity of the States against external aggression. Unbelievable!


Howbeit, the dispensation of the gratis medical care and its imposition is never a far cry from a concentrated bio-chemical warfare, engineered to engulf the entirety of Biafraland [the present South-East and "South-South"]. It is worthwhile to note that while the Nigerian army are perfidiously flaunting with medical gloves and syringes in the vigorous regions of Biafraland, the Hausa-Fulani(s) are perishing in the puddle of deleterious diseases - the likes of meningitis, poliomyelitis, measles, et al. It would worth it if Buratai deploys his soldiers to the North, to curb the prevalence of the aforementioned diseases.

It is obvious that the eruption of the deadly monkeypox epidemic in our land ensued the launching of the medical care, and resultantly, the antecedence of the military occupation. If not to have us poisoned and festered, what objective has the vaccination? Prior to the military hullabaloo in Biafraland (the Python dance and Crocodile smile), have we had precarious records such as the dire monkeypox disease? On a second thought, how come our killers suddenly turned healers just in a tick?

It is not unclear. The willy-nilly of these medical services and vaccination induced on our children, oblivious of their parents, is substantiative to the sophistry of the Nigerian army. To all intents and purposes, the orchestrated bio-chemical warfare against the Biafran people, in the mien of medical services, is a gimmicky machination geared towards aggravating the ongoing ethnic cleansing in our land.

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It is so disheartening that our custodians have failed us; those we entrusted with our mandates [the so-called Governors of Biafraland], all of whom supposed to be the Chief Security Officers of their land. They have all become muffled while we wallow in abject misery and servitude. No doubt, they are working in cahoots with the murderous, Nigerian security agencies to unleash mayhem against us. It shall not be well with them. We shall have them disgraced as we look forward to holding aloof from all forms of Nigerian balloting.

At this point, being the crux of the matter, I exhort all Biafrans to be circumspect in all their conducts; at the same time, I appreciate the pro-active role of our mothers who ensured that their children were not victimized by the lethal vaccination. Refrain from every form of immunity, clemency, rehabilitation; courtesy of the Nigerian government. I daresay that anybody who ventures into this treacherous solicitude may not come back in one piece. Be cautioned!

This is the end time of this struggle. Let us keep it on, undeterred, as we march towards the promised land - the land of BIAFRA. That very land that fructifies unceasing milk and honey. Do not look back. We shall emerge triumphantly!



Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
The Biafra Times
Publisher: Charles Opanwa
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