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Saturday 16 September 2017


By Princewill Akubumma || For Biafra Writers 

September 16, 2017

The ongoing brutal killings of unarmed IPOB members in cold blood in the Southeastern cities of Abia state by the Nigerian military is a testament to fact that the Nigeria you know is dead and gone, and will be buried and forgotten in a matter of time. And the good news to the Biafra agitators is that these senseless killings and the inhumane torture being meted to them has reverberated across the globe and is being discussed by different legal human right bodies and the international media.

The Nigeria media who are also complicit in the crime through their double standard approach in reporting and publishing lies by constantly hiding the truth irrespective of the online video and pictorial evidences of what really transpired between the army and the defenseless Biafran population. The compromised Nigerian media will not be left out of whatever that awaits the Nigerian government and her murderous army at the International Criminal Court (ICC) when the time fully comes. One way or the other, all those that have a hand in the senseless killings, maiming and the enforced disappearances of innocent Biafrans who are agitating for self-determination in a non-violent manner must pay dearly for their sins no matter how hard they tried to hide the truth because they should have known that there is nothing more to hide from the international community.

The Southeastern Nigeria otherwise known as Biafra, has been peaceful and calm before the Nigerian government in collaboration with the Southeastern governors who were benefiting in the systemic corrupt and continual looting of public funds, connived to turn the region into a theater of blood and war with the sole intent of enforcing unity on the teeming Biafra population clamouring for a referendum to determine their future which is no longer guaranteed in the Nigerian state.


Recall that these demands from the agitators is legal, inalienable and in line with the local and international laws for self-determination which as well is also obtainable in any democratic settings in the world, but the Nigerian government chooses to tow the line of violence by deploying her murderous Fulani dominated soldiers instead of hearkening to the demands of the people.

The deployment of soldiers along with heavy military hardware which includes helicopter gunships, armored tanks and combat jetfighters to quell a non-violent agitation while leaving the northeastern part of the country remarked for terror activities and terrorism, is not acceptable and must be condemned by all and sundry.

Strong evidences has shown the carnage caused by the Nigerian army since her deployment in the Southeast through her various vicious atrocities and crimes against humanity. This has been demanding for an answer to the questions as to whether Nigeria is running a dictatorial government or a democratic one.

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Biafra Writers through this publication are putting the Nigerian government and her murderous Islamic army on notice that the Biafran spirit in us cannot be crushed nor quenched no matter how many of us you have to kill, we cannot be united with Nigeria ever again, no matter the amount of military force you expend. You must also understand that the Biafra ideology will still live on even after you kill us all because there is no army on this planet earth that can defeat a people whose minds are made up, this generation of Biafrans has made up their minds to have back their nation which was forcefully taken from them. No matter how long it takes, Biafra must be restored by this young Biafra generation you are killing today.

God bless Biafra and those fighting for her freedom.

Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah 
The Biafra Times 

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