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Monday 25 September 2017


Biafra Flag

By Victoria. O. C. Agangan | For Biafra Writers

September 25, 2017

Let's take a pause, a minute and reflect. Do you see how far we have gone? From all indications, the time is ripe for the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, to consider our past and recent achievements. From a movement which had nothing but passion and the interests of its people at heart, the name IPOB has become a household name to be reckoned with in the world. We have become a bride so beautiful that thousands of suitors want to court and be with.

Thank goodness for the era of peaceful protests and rallies which heralded her, though many casualties have been recorded. With many in pain, some maimed, some others imprisoned illegally without trial or fair hearing, down to our leader's parents who were not left out as the military invaded the royal palace and murdered a great number of people visiting the palace without provocation.

It is high time the leadership forgoes the hope of ever getting justice in a court of a lawless dilapidated country begging for demolition. This is the time to spread out tentacles for possible alliance with other countries capable of assisting her liberation moves.

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Technologically advanced countries like Japan, China, et al can be lured to invest in her, other countries like the USA can be made offers that will benefit both sides, not to mention Russia, Germany, Israel and other Christian countries that will have sympathy for our plight.

We lose something to gain more, freedom is never free and we are already an endangered species in Nigeria.

The north has never forgotten nor have we forgotten the scorch of the genocide carelessly paraded as a civil war and they will never forgive the disruption our emergence has caused their well-scripted agenda.

Therefore, we need to re-strategize without further delay. Biafra is blessed greatly, she is adorned with numerous resources, both human and natural.

Why then must we languish in ignorance and penury? How can we stupidly continue to establish everywhere but the land of our birth? Why have we become nomads seeking for pastures when our land is better off than our places of sojourn?

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We make commercial nerve centers everywhere else but home. How then can we boost our economy when each time we are driven away like stubborn flies with our profits snatched?

Therefore, we must seek international help with speed. Nigeria must not outsmart us in this game. They did it before and may do it again from the look of things.

The rate of frustration raging amongst the northerners, which birthed the quit notice, prayer for oil to dry up and recently the ill-timed operation python dance is a foreplay of worst plans yet unveiled.

Five northern governors were sent on a fake peace mission, yet our people are still detained, they brought an invalid court verdict tagging the Indigenous people of Biafra as terrorists fit only for brutal death.

With uniforms and arms, they raid our homes and abduct our youths to be killed. All in the bid to exterminate us and tactically carry out another round of genocide; an act very similar to the order given by the Pharaoh of the Bible times in order to weaken the Israelis. This is serious and must not be left unattended to.

The leadership and our brethren in diaspora must woo their hosts and get us possible strong allegiances because there is no way we are recoiling in the face of this present intimidation.

I appeal for quick action, even as we remain resolute in our quest for freedom. This is the time to rekindle hope, faith, and passion in our people.

I sincerely hope the leadership will adhere!

The Biafra Times
Edited By Ikechukwu Agbai
Publisher: Charles Opanwa
Contact us: [email protected]


  1. Yes, it’s time to re-strategize. IPOB leadership must put on their thinking cap for a new strategy to exist this murderous country called Nigeria. If it has to result to another war, we must begin now to prepare because Nigeria is a violent country and will never let Biafrans go without a fight. As long as crude oil continues to flow in Biafra land, these Hausa-Fulani and their collaborators will not let go. So, Biafrans worldwide must strategize to free their people and land. It is a task that must be done no matter the cost. By the way since the zoo government has declared Indigenous People of Biafra a terrorist group, then no need to even contemplate going to vote in any elections in Biafra land starting with Anambra governorship election on 18th of November, 2017. Terrorists do not vote in elections. This people have shot themselves in the foot.

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