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Tuesday 19 September 2017


Victoria. O. C. Agangan || For Biafra Writers

September 19, 2017

Real and honourable men of God has weighed leadership in their balances and capacities and has come out to speak the truth, shun immoral practices of leaders and revealing authentic prophesies that has helped in shaping the world. In this regards, right from the biblical days, we read about the adventures and conducts of some men of God and prophets such as Elijah, Elisha, Moses (2 Timothy 2:15).

But today in the world, it is very worrisome that some of our so-called prophets and men of God has vehemently refused to emulate and tow the reputable path of divinity these biblical prophets spearheaded.

Addressing this issue, it is necessary to beam the searchlight on the activities and proclamations of a popular Enugu-based priest and founder of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Rev. Father Ejike Camilus Mbaka who has compromised on several occasions.


According to the word of God being professed by these men, a real man of God interprets the bible to his congregation. He instils good morals by words and example. He is kind, accommodating and loving, not a "Lover of the world and of its components" 1John 2:15.

He has no business with darkness or unbelievers who are unrepentant as in "Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers" 2 Corinthians 6:14.

It is apparent that Mbaka has derailed in his calling, that is, if he was ever destined to be a man of God. He has failed both God and his followers and is not fit in any way to be regarded as a serious man of God.

He aligned with the Nigerian Pharoah(President Buhari) to persecute his people who are earnestly exercising their legitimate human rights to gain freedom in an expired illegitimate union created by Britian for her selfish purposes; oil, economy and power. His ill-informed utterances and castigations against Biafra and those championing it, has made him inconsequential to the Biafra cause.

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Mbaka for love of affluence and rapour with the ruling APC-led government talked down on Ex-President Jonathan, now he has extended his venomous tentacles to IPOB and her God-given leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

He has trodden the shady paths of darkness by rejoicing instead of condemning, the death of young Biafra agitators and engaged in mocking our heroes for all times.

Mbaka has lost faith and his fate now lies with Haman and Judas Iscariot, the likes of him. Recently, he threatened to teach a bitter lesson to another man of God. He now carries fake prophesies of doom and nothing to show for spiritual salvation of his folk. Which keeps one wondering why he still thrives as a man of God.

Mbaka has become more comfortable in preaching politics than his Bible. He has become a parrot for piloting bad omen and activities in the hands of Muslim brute, Muhammadu Buhari.

His vituperations and pronouncements has made him a mockery to Christendom for Muslims do not betray themselves.

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I have followed his constant irrational criticisms of Nnamdi Kanu and it behooves me to think that a so-called Reverend Father would emanate such hatred and jealousy for a man who left his all for the good and progress of his people.

This is not good for the church and gospel as preached, even Jesus in his corrections only expressed anger when they turned the synagogue into a commercial center, so Mbaka, can you still claim to be who and what you are not?

Your likes pushes other people out there to proclaim that Igbo people are greedy. Does it not touch your heart when your kinsmen are hung and prosecuted abroad because they went to seek for greener pastures?

Does it not make you weep when their shops are mapped out for demolition in other regions? Do you know many of these Biafrans endangering their lives on highways hawking for peanuts in various regions?

When you wine and dine with the high and mighty and wallow in their ill gotten wealth from Biafran soil do you not feel any atom of guilt? Have you ever counselled the Biafran governors to be less greedy and use the people's resources to develop their region?

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What moral rights and effrontery do you have to cast aspersions on another man's legitimate struggle when you have become a vessel in the hands of Islamic power-ridden government? Do you think they will spare you if they succeed in Islamizing Biafra land?

But, listen good! None of that is bound to happen because Biafrans has been awakened. Biafra has come and no force can stand against it. It is our identity and heritage.

You must have read about what happened to King Ahab and Queen Jezebel for killing Naboth. My candid suggestion to you is to call your bosom friend and partner to caution and desist from slandering Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's image, who has not offended you.

He that hates his brother is a murderer. "God is not mocked, whatever a man sows, he shall reap" 1 John 3:15. Never forget this.

Edited By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Publisher: Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
The Biafra Times


  1. It is just bcos Biafrans and IPOB are peaceful and they love life and that's why corrupted Rev Fr Mbaka and his likes have not been assassinated one by one by now. Peaceful and good people suffers in corrupt country (Nigeria)

  2. Fr Mbaka is corrupted as he has derailed by his love for money and affluence and he now fiercely chases money thro business ventures. He now has plenty money which is the root of all evil. Rev Fr Mbaka is now evil. He made me hate my catholic church vehemently.

  3. Rev. Fr. Mbaka is a fraud and fake pastor, who meddles in politics for relevance – instead of the teachings of Christ. This is a man who denies Christ by his sellouts to tyrant Buhari and jihadist Hausa-Fulani. Mbaka lacks self-esteem. He’s a disgrace to the Church.


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