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Saturday 8 July 2017



By Victoria O. C. Agangan || Biafra Writers

JULY 8, 2017

A man, disowned by his biological father and accused by his son for sleeping with his daughter’s in-law, has no moral grounds to discuss issues that could determine the fate of over 70 million Biafrans around the globe.

An ex-president, who made no positive impact in the Eastern region, shut down Calabar and Onitsha sea ports, crippled Ibeto to elevate Dangote (with the sole license of importation of many competitive items), played politics with the second Niger bridge, murdered his political foes and suppressed rights to free expression, lacks all it takes to advice or suggest on very important matters. The blind can not lead two-eyed man.

Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria's head of State for 16 years, stepped out of power without gifting the country with at least, a steady power supply but tried to amend the constitution to accommodate his lust for power. He pressured for a third tenure as against the Nigerian constitution but that failed. A murderer of our people, a man with selfish hidden agenda, an old out of recycling arrogant tyrant has no business with Biafrans or the restoration of our nation.
I remember so well, when he loudly lambasted the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) two years back, calling us miscreants, jobless, etc, advising that we be ignored. I want to remind Nigerian government that Woke Soyinka had advised otherwise, categorically telling them the Biafra cannot be defeated, yet their ears deafened.

How can it be said that the same Biafra he claimed to have defeated decades ago has risen up even stronger in his own eyes? Great achievement! Sleep has evaded the chambers of the greedy politicians whose only aim is to selfishly acquire the taxpayers' money, reserve for their children and generations yet unborn.

Obasanjo gave away Bakassi without a care. As a president, he made sure that economic activities in the old Eastern region was at a standstill, or even worse. Not one federal structure was erected in Biafra within Obasanjo's sixteen years in power as head of State. Yet, he is always in rush to spite at us even when the opportunity does not call.

Does he think Biafrans are so naive? His threats with 1967-1970 civil war does not matter to Biafrans. In fact, the more we are reminded of 1967-1970 event, the more determined we are to leave this unholy union. The more we are vilified, the more we understand we cannot make any meaningful progress in this contraption, an unfortunate creation called Nigeria.
Maybe Obasanjo thinks that talking about Biafra will make him relevant politically again? Charity begins at home; a man who cannot rule his home has no right in national matters.

Biafra lost many souls, families were separated, many were orphaned and were taken to other countries as refugees. Our pains are deep and woes are numerous; they are so much that any Nigerian who chose to remind us of them is only fueling the agitation. Nothing will stop Biafra, not even bullets and prison bars.

We will prove to the universe that Biafra is here to stay, Biafra is our heritage, Biafra is our identity. It is obvious that Nigeria is finding it difficult to conduct a referendum but our commitment and resolve to restore Biafra remains.

The Nigerian government loves the oil in our land but hates us; they exploit us and kill us; they pollute our land and abandon it. Hence, we will resist any form of oppression and repression to make a way for our young generation to thrive gloriously. We are breaking the union lest our children suffer the same or worse. We say 'no to modern day slavery'.

The Indigenous People Of Biafra hereby warns Obasanjo to either retire permanently to his farms or we help grant him eternal rest in his farm. He should steer clear from matters pertaining Biafra lest the scares he left on our body begin bleed.

Edited By Somuadila Ugwummadu

Publisher: Charles Opanwa | Biafra Times
Contact us: [email protected]

1 comment

  1. A well articulated piece to address this animal called Olusegun Obasanjo, a man with a frog face, a criminal and genocidist. We must not allow this fool to get away with this insults after all the killings of Biafran people in the past, he still wants to kill us again now. It's him who's mental that wants Biafrans to remain enslaved in a murderous Islamic sharia Nigerian State. We are too much for that. We must liberate ourselves from this bondage and slavery of the Hausa-Fulani/Yoruba.


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