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Wednesday 5 July 2017


「OHANAEZE NDIGBO and south east governors」的圖片搜尋結果

By Akubumma Princewill | Biafra Times

JULY 5, 2017

Ohaneze ndigbo and the Southeastern governors are now formally put under severe scrutiny and surveillance by the youths in the old eastern region since after their meeting in Enugu Biafra land.

We the people want to reiterate here that these elders in red caps and these governors are mere political coup plotters, leaders without followers and can never speak for us. They don't represent us in whatsoever, and they are completely on their own and can't decide for us.

For holding a meeting a forth night ago which consists of only themselves in order to address some issues bordering on agitation and a call for referendum without inviting the leaders of the agitating groups is a prove that they are leaders without followers and for rising up from such meeting, and making certain declarations and imposing it on the people they claimed to be leading is quite ridiculous and unacceptable.

For showing themselves insensitive to the plight and suffering of the Biafran people for quite a long time now, and for turning their backs on us when we needed them most by our sides as our elders and leaders, we therefore want to notify them through this publication that we the people and youths of the old eastern region hereby reject and disown them from this day forward.

And we are therefore putting it to them as a stern warning to desist themselves from speaking on our behalves and to stop their sabotaging and treacherous activities, else, we will go berserk on them.

As we have made it abundantly clear in the past that we are sick and tired of Nigeria and her politics, we the people are also making it clear through this publication that we are tired of the elders of shame in red caps and are hereby warning them once again to desist from their claims to be representing the interest of the youths and ndigbo.

If they fail to heed our warning, we shall soon rise in revolt against them and their families because we cannot share the same geographical space with traitors and saboteurs,

Enough is enough!

If what they want is restructuring and one united Nigeria, they are free to peacefully pack up their luggage and relocate to the north or west with their family members and never to set foot on Biafran soil again or we the people will forcefully help them to achieve that, we have had enough with them and their one Nigeria and restructured Nigeria which has never benefited us in any way since the inception of this British enterprise they call Nigeria, what we want is a sovereign state of Biafra.

If they still want the leadership positions they always craved for, there is always a way of deciding over certain issues in any democratic settings, and upon this, we the people want to put it to you the Ohaneze ndigbo and the governors to organize a popularity contest in the whole of Biafra land to determine between you and the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who among you that commands the respect of the people and who really controls the people, but until then, you must stand down or stand the risk of being pulled down.

Finally, we want to announce it loud and clear once again that what we the people want is a referendum and not Nigerian government election, and we still maintained that there will be no election in any region of Biafra ever again until we are given a date to vote in a referendum to decide our future.



  1. Yes oh! Banish them and throw them out! Isee! Isee! Isee! All hail Biafra!!!

  2. Thanks to IPOB for their effort to make us to be free I love BIAFRA I love NNAMDI KANU

  3. IPOB has spoken there is no other way,let Okoroawusa,obiano and others go to north and contest election.Biafra belongs to us.

  4. They are a big disappointment, disgraceful and useless to Igbos and Biafrans. They should be chased out and banished from Biafra land.


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