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Saturday 3 June 2017

Biafra: Rejection Of Southeast Development Commission Bill By Reps, A Boost To Our Agitation--IPOB

June 3, 2017

One of the million reasons the Biafrans wants to leave Nigeria is marginalization with impunity

Barely a year after the Northern law makers moved a motion for North East Development Commission (NEDC) which was passed into bill within minutes of its emergence at the National Assembly, followed up by unihibited access to massive and excessive mobilization of fund for the same project which saw a ridiculous and whopping sum of N200m set aside for "cutting of grass", that their colleagues from the Southeast moved a similar motion to address the dilapidating state of the federal roads and other infrastructures in the Southeast region by seeking approval for the creation of Southeast Development Commission (SEDC); but unsurprisingly it was vehemently rejected without hesitation by their colleagues from the North and West.

Going down memory lane, we all knew that what led to the first civil war was that the federal military government grossly violated the principles upon which the independence was secured in October 1st 1960 from the British.


We also know that the Nigerian state started failing immediately after making and implementing the laws of 1963 in the sense that the then leaders failed to conduct a referendum to determine whether the three federating units as was amalgamated  by the British in 1914 really wanted to remain in Nigeria or not but rather, they adopted the British lopsided policies that only favours the North and West who till date still remains their household slaves.

Then after the civil war of 1967-1970, we all knew what happened to the 'three Rs' fund granted by the world bank which was majorly meant to rehabilitate the war torn zones (The Southeastern region).

Marginalization of Biafrans in Nigeria started from the foundation of the artificially created country known today as Nigeria. The rejection of the motion to rehabilitate the Southeastern roads by the Northern and Western majority in the National Assembly proves that what was done a fortnight ago during their so called conference to address the Biafra issue after 50 years since the civil war ended was just a charade full of unimaginable pretense.

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To be factual, the Biafra Writers Forum in union with the entire Indigenous People of Biafra are very pleased that the Northerners only solidified our resolve to continue fighting for the restoration of Biafra by discarding the proposal of the lawmakers from the Southeast, and further proved those who were doubting our assertions which states that "One Nigeria" is a giant fraud wrong.  When we say Biafrans are the most hated species by Hausa-Fulani, the world finds it difficult to believe; but then again, instead of proving humanity wrong, these vermins and savages always end up proving our assertions right with their actions and in actions.

We are no longer interested in any motion or passage of bills in order to favour the Southeast regions by the Nigerian lawmakers, because we have been living and surviving without the federal government's presence in our region for the past 49 years.

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We are by this article putting the federal lawmakers on notice that what we the Biafran people want is not restructuring, nor Igbo Presidency nor reconstruction of roads but total independence from this contraption that is not our home. There is no amount of approved project that will dissipate our desire to take back what rightfully belongs to us. Biafra is our heritage, that alone is the compensation required for all the gory experience we and our progenitors have been subjected to since the unholy almagamation.

We are ready to go home to Biafra, and nothing is formidable enough to stop us, only Chukwu Abiama can; but the good news is that he has already approved this noble cause as auspicious signs abound of its success.

To the federal lawmakers from the Biafran region, we have this for you; All we want from you is that you move the motion for referendum now that you have the opportunity, and not rehabilitation bill so that you could be reconciled back to your families in Biafra. The time to utilize the people's mandate and trust reposted on you all is now or never. Nevertheless, you must beware that we have made up our minds to restore our dear nation with or without you.

By Princewill Akubumma 
Edited & Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

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  1. House Members now is the time to wipe out shame from your faces before its late, can't you see the handwriting on the wall...


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