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Saturday 10 June 2017

Biafra: Leave Our Land, Go Back To Biafra. Northern Youth Insists.


Our late freedom fighter, General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu once warned all the Igbos to come back home and stop investing in the northern part of Nigeria, they all took his words for granted and continued investing in the northern region with their money, building mansions and industries.

IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu as well cautioned all the Igbos in the same north to come back home, that a day will come when they will have no other option than to send you all parking, but they took his words for granted, but now the music is playing and they are dancing it.

Even though some of the Northern elders tried to revoke the words from their youth, yet the Northern youth groups and their leaders still insists and stands firm on their quit notice that the Igbos must park and go, or be forcefully evicted from their land. It is only a stubborn fly that follows the corpse to the grave, this is a clear call for war, and the Igbos living in any part of Northern Nigeria must come back home now before it becomes late for them. I know some will say oh my property, oh my land, oh my investment, but just have this in mind that life is more than wealth. Biafrans will do all they can to assist the returnees, once there is life, there is hope.

Remember what happened in the past that lead to the war that nearly killed all our people living in the north, when death, destruction, and mayhem were unleashed upon unsuspecting innocent civilian populations from the South comprising of mostly Igbo men, women and children living in northern Nigeria the same music is sounding, will you listen to it and come back home. Igbos, you people never can learn from history even apart from history, nature has it that you and Nigeria are never the same, right from the beginning of the earth up till today, they will always keep killing you until you learn to think home and come back to develop your land.

Nevertheless all this brouhaha shows that the coming of Biafra is dramatically at hand, and we will not like to lose a single Biafran to any bloodthirsty alamajiri who are not even worth to be our gateman talk more of killing us, Igbos we have to rethink and come back home now that the border is still open for you all to escape. A stitch in time saves nine.

When you come back home, together we all will restore Biafra and make it great.

Written By Ejike Ofoegbu For Biafra Times.


  1. (1) A woman had to carry a pregnancy for nine months. Throughout the period of the pregnancy,she was told by her doctors that it would not end well. But she insisted on carrying the pregnancy though she herself could notice the symptoms. But she loved babies and would not hurt a child. Moreover, she was a good christian. She got the pregnancy itself after getting robbed and raped by a group of bandits. She'd been attending her antenatal sessions and the signs remained that the baby would not live, and that indeed her own life and continued existence was in danger as long as she insisted on having her beloved baby.. By the 7th month, the signs of miscarriage came calling. It had in fact begun slightly. But again, the woman feared pain and could not bear it at all. Moreover, she was told that she had three options: (1) Abort the baby and have many more years and bear children as you may wish. (2) Let the pregnancy continue because she had invested so much in it but loose her life and the opportunity to have other chuldren3) Let the pregnancy continue because she fears pain of abortion but loose her life and close the chances of having a future generation for her husband. If your were in the shoes of this woman, which option would you chose?. I believe you will choose option 1. If so, God bless you. (B). Again, imagine you were someone who does not like taking medicines and would not take injections at all. Imagine again that you had malaria. Would you take the injection, feel the pains and live or refuse the cure and die? Am sure again the choice would be to take the injection and live. Hence, even leaving some investments and feeling some pains for a moment to give life and freedom to our children born and unborn forever is better than any thought of temporary or momentary losses. Life will be better for us when we Igbos take our destiny as a people in our hands. The longer we carry this still born baby (Nigeria) in our womb, the more we endanger the lives of our future generations and our existence as a people on earth.


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