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Friday 16 June 2017

Biafra: Igbo Quit Notice: EMU Backs Biafra Agitation, Ask Igbos To Return Home

June 16, 2017

ENUGU— A socio-political group; the Eastern Mandate Union, EMU, have pulled their weight behind the demands for the independence of the Sovereign State of Biafra by Igbos and the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, at large.

In a communiqué issued and randomly signed by its Elder Statesman and Chancellor, Dr. Arthur Agwuncha Nwankwo, the group’s Secretary, Muoneke Nwigwe, and its Director of Publicity, Bekee Osuagwu, EMU, said their resolve to support the independence of Biafra is unflinching and unshakeable, adding that Biafra is a vehicle to the people’s redemption from the Nigerian union that has brought so much grief and misery to the people of the Eastern region.

The communiqué obtained by Biafra Writers’ Correspondent in Enugu, from the group’s Director of Publicity, after convoking their emergency meeting last Friday, June 9, 2017, to review the state of the country and the events that culminated in the issuance of the quit notice, stated that, “our resolve and determination for the independent state of Biafra is unshakeable. Biafra is not a brainwave. It is our vehicle of redemption and freedom from the Nigerian union that has brought us only misery and grief.


“Biafra represents the movement of people out of oppression into the Promised Land of self-actualization. It is a constant reminder to the Nigerian state of its structural defects, which we have on numerous occasions called for its correction to no avail. We support the Biafran agitation. We thank the people of the southeast for heeding the call by IPOB on May 30th 2017 to sit at home. We are committed to Biafra unless the Nigerian State is ready NOW to subject itself to comprehensive restructuring.”

EMU stated that their position on the quit notice by the confederate of Arewa groups to Igbos living in northern Nigeria, after painstakingly going through their communiqué ordering them to leave their political space, urged the Igbos to neglect the assurances of some northern leaders and make plans to vacate the region so as to avert another round of pogrom as was the case in 1966.
The statement read in part: “Ndigbo living in northern Nigeria must begin to make arrangements for relocation back home to avoid a repeat of the events of 1966. The ultimatum is serious and should be treated as such.

“The assurances presently being given by some northern leaders and the federal government that all is well were the same assurances given in 1966 but did not prevent the carnage and genocide against our people. We must be wiser now.
“The various ethnic groups in Nigeria should come together to discuss on the modalities of disengagement or dissolution of the Nigerian State without violence.
“The quit notice by the north to Ndigbo is not an accident or the action of a rascal group clamouring for relevance. It has the blessings of the northern establishment, the various denials notwithstanding.
“Many northern heavyweights have come out to openly canvass support for the confederate that issued the ultimatum and this is indicative of a comprehensive consultation among the northern establishment to act in concert for the interest of the north.


“The threat to use force to evict Igbos from the north after October 1, 2017 is in tandem with the character of the north and should be taken seriously.
“We agree with the confederate that the various groups in Nigeria should go their separate ways and in due time work out diplomatic framework for future engagements.
“We stand by Igbo agitation for a better deal in Nigeria and if Biafra is it; then so be it. We will not tolerate a repeat of the 1966 carnage on our people. The North must know that 2017 is not 1966.”
The group while describing as false and baseless, some claims credited to the Arewa Confederate that the Igbos are the architects of the first coup in Nigeria that brought carnage to the country in 1966, said iarchitect st has been part of the Northern agenda since time immemorial to annihilate the Igbos and the people of the then Eastern region.

It said, “Ignoring the illogicality of the communiqué issued by the north wherein is contained the quit notice to Ndigbo living in the North, we wish to note that the document is fraught with so many falsehoods and baseless claims. For instance, we consider it the height of self-delusion for the north to claim that it was the Igbo who wrought carnage on the nation in 1966. The verdict of history in this respect is very clear. It was the north that actually wrought carnage on the Igbo and people of Southeastern Nigeria and sought to exterminate them in a brutal genocidal pogrom.

“The Report of the UN Commission that visited the frontlines during the period conclusively declared that our people were subjected to genocide by the Nigerian State. The north owes Ndigbo and people of south eastern Nigeria unreserved apology for the millions of innocent lives wasted by them during this period. Even today, the north has continued with its policy of extermination of our people outside their homeland at the slightest instigation. To suggest that it was our people that aggressed the north is the full definition of unrepentance anchored on reprobate minds. Therefore, the claim that the “Igbo was responsible for the first and so far, only civil war in Nigeria that cost millions of lives and sowed the seed of the current mutual suspicion and distrust is nebulous, mischievous, idiotic and downright false.


“Also, the claim that the Igbo were responsible for the very first violent interference with democracy in Nigeria resulting in a prolonged counter-productive chain of military dictatorships is laughable and indicates the historical enfoolment of the north. Having eliminated virtually all Igbos from the Nigerian military in the vengeful and hate-inspired counter coup of July 1966, the Nigerian Army effectively became the Northern Army. The consequent coups in the country were planned and executed by the various northern military cabals against itself in a bid by each cartel to have direct control of the resources of the southeast. This was the reason the northern military ran the country aground in a relay-like manner. Check the records of all the coups in Nigeria since July 1966 and name one that was orchestrated by the south. None!!!”

In conclusion, the EMU, aligned itself with the position of the Arewa groups which drew “the attention of the authorities and all other interest groups that there is nothing difficult or impossible for all the units that make up Nigeria to pull out if they so wish. We cite the example of the split of several independent nations from the old Soviet Union, the separation of Pakistan from India, the recent divorce of South Sudan with the former Sudan and most recently, the exit of Britain from the European Union”.

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Published By Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
For Biafra Writers


  1. A date in demand for referendum must be before the Anambra governorship election coming up on the 18th of November 2017 if not no Nigeria election in Biafra land

  2. All Hail Biafra....Chukwu gozie gi Mazi Ibe

    Never again will there be an election in Igbo Land untill referendum is conducted. Even if they give us a date, referendum must be done first..

  3. Good news. With such support from a respected EMU, and others to follow, restoration of Biafra State is sure. Long live IPOB! All hail Biafra!!


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