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Sunday 21 May 2017

Biafra: Police Raids Bar In Nkpor, Kidnapped Workers & Stole Customer's Gadgets

Modern Police are known for their excellence in investigative prowess in handling cases of the citizens of the nation they are working for, but here in Nigeria, the reverse is always the case. Here, there is no such thing as investigation; they rather look for soft targets whenever any case arose and uses the very case as an avenue to making money and looting of people’s properties.

An incident happened in Nkpor, Anambra state, at a joint called ‘Nkpor Junction Cool Joint’ which is also known as ‘Alhaji Joint’ on thursday evening, 18th of May, 2017, at exactly 7:38 pm. Some men of the Nigerian police from  Awkuzu known as Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) police command Awkuzu in Oyi LGA of Anambra state invaded Alhaji Joint, a drinking bar and started shooting sporadically in the air; ordering everyone to lie down on the floor as they began to ransack the whole places, collecting people’s mobile phones and ladies hand bags and other belongings including a plasma Tv that belongs to the owner of the joint which was missing after the whole episode.

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An eye witness who also serves as a bar man at the joint was present when BIAFRA WRITERS Correspondent got to the venue the next morning. Mr. Elawigwu, a native of Agatu in Benue state gave us firsthand information on what really happened there the previous evening. He regretted being a Nigerian following the way Nigerian police carry out their operations by brutally attacking innocent people and going away with their belongings afterwards under the pretext of carrying out investigation.

Mr. Elawigwu lamented the degrading and humiliating manner at which the men of the Nigerian police force maltreated and took away the innocent men and women who came to cool off and drink away their sorrows at the joint after the rigors of the day’s work.

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Our correspondent after speaking with Mr. Elawigwu interviewed two ladies who also work there, but agreed to speak on condition of anonymity. They both narrated their ordeals at the hands of the police men who attacked the bar, that it was indeed a pathetic situation and urged the government to take note of the exacerbating corruption ravaging the Nigerian police force. They also regretted to announce that two of their female colleagues and three other male colleagues of theirs were also among those abducted by the mobile police men that evening.


May we know you young man?

My name is Mr. Elawigwu  Isa, I am a Bar tender here and I was on duty last night when the whole incident occurred. We were going about our normal evening businesses as usual when suddenly some police Hilux vans numbering about six or so zoomed into this vicinity and blocked every entrance and exit as the men of the Nigerian police force began to shout on top of their voices, commanding everyone to lie down on the floor with their faces down, as this was happening, they made straight to our charging board because we have a place where our customers could charge their phones while drinking in the bar, and started collecting all the mobile phones on the charging board, pushing the tables around as the beer bottles clattered around on the floors and broke into pieces; the whole incident suddenly turned chaotic as they also collected the hand bags of the ladies who accompanied the men to the joint that evening. Some of the police men kept themselves busy by beating and manhandling our customers and forcing them into their Hilux vans. With all these going on, I had to hide inside the cubicle where I use as my office and watched everything as it played out and that was the reason why I wasn’t even kidnapped like others of my colleagues.  And one would ask, what is different between armed robbery operation and this incidents? Of course they are the same.


Has the police invaded your bar in such manner before or do you think something might have led to this?

Well, we heard that some unknown gun men attacked some police men on duty at the Nkpor Junction check point a fortnight ago and killed one of their colleagues and made away with his AK47 riffle.

So you think this could have lead to the invasion of this place by the police?

Yes I think so, as you can see the Nigerian police force are corrupt and are also opportunists, they usually capitalizes on any incident such as this to loot people and arrest innocent people even when the culprits of such offences have disappeared into the thin air. The innocent people are always tagged as the suspects and are usually the victim of circumstances as it is always the case with the Nigerian police force especially the SARS.

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From this incident, one would understand that it appears as if the members of the Nigerian police force usually prays for this kind of opportunity to come it's way so as to make cool money, they no longer carry out any investigation diligently, all they do is go about looking for soft targets to use as escape goat, while abandoning their main duty which has to do with security of lives and properties of innocent citizens. They would rather prefer to steal and afterwards arrest the innocent so they could make money out of bail.

It is evident that the only hope of a common man in this contraption called Nigeria is the restoration of Biafra which will purge our society of these corrupt practices meted out on innocent people by the Nigerian police force and their counterparts in army uniform. Biafra will be a land of the free and liberated people, where discipline and honesty will be watch word.

By Akubumma Princewill
Edited & Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers

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