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Saturday 20 May 2017

Biafra: The Need For Donald Trump To Raise The Biafran Question

May 20, 2017

Nations on planet earth are distinguished in their various perception towards life and events, they possess diversed philosophy, norms and ideology. Take for instance, the American people are perennially known for their love towards humanity, the Germans for their pride, the Anglo family for her craftiness, the French for their zero tolerance to oppression and suppression, the British for exploitation and subjugation, and while Nigeria(ns) the British' favourite child is known to be fantastically corrupt in all ramification.

These are the foundational drives that run in these nation states and many others. The pre 21st century international systems were all marred with conflicting exhibition of different national beliefs and interests among comity of nations. For instance, Americans are known for their defence of Christian faith and upholding of human rights. The U.S believes that they owe nobody any apology as far as projecting and defending their belief system and cultural values is concerned, and confronting any opposition to same.

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Also, the Anglo nation has never been apologetic in her belief in global conquest through divide and rule antics. This was evident in their activities during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade; their role in the Biafra genocide and their unalloyed support of the multinational companies who were complicit in dispatching Africans into slavery overseas.

While many often do not tolerate dominance of the world by the British oppressive and suppressive system, the world's view changed during the Obama-David Cameron era. These two fellows presided over international system that encouraged mutilations and maiming of non-Muslims worldwide. They did not just assume an oversight function, rather went as far as aiding and abetting heinous crimes against humanity by Islamic fundamentalists.

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Even conscientious individuals who are supposed to condemn in unequivocal terms the conspiracy of the aforementioned ex-leaders activated "silent mode" in the face of growing threat to extinction of humanity by Islamic terrorists as it was in the case of Saudi Arabia threatening to attack Russia. While Barack Obama and Cameron who have offered nothing but death to humanity were allowed to operate as they deem fit, Other NATO member states who were skeptical of their piloting system of international affairs are being watched like a hawk.

Today, the old world order has been made unfashionable by events and time as both Barack Obama and David Cameron have been blacklisted in history books. The emergence of men of repute and honour to world stage is a welcome development. It is noteworthy that it is not enough to celebrate their emergence, but ensure that they are not manipulated into destroying the world system they are meant to protect.

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The oppressed people of the world, especially the Biafran people needs freedom which Donald Trump asserted should not be denied Indigenous people all over the world before he was elected president. His assumption into Whitehouse should begin to manifest in his support towards the restoration of Biafra. This was why the Indigenous People of Biafra rooted for him during the electioneering campaign period, and so it becomes futile if those killed by the Nigerian army on 20th of february, 2017 while showing solidarity to him (Trump) cannot be given the price of their sacrifice.

Donald Trump’s silence towards the Biafra agitation should not be misjudged as it might be folly to cross carpet his position on the issue at this early stage of his emergence as the president of the United States of America. At this point, I will want to assume that he is undergoing secret studies about IPOB, but if otherwise, then President Trump has to raise questions about the Biafran people and support our call for a referendum.

By Chika Austine 
Edited & Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

1 comment

  1. In the first instance Biafra independent is long overdue just as was said by Trump himself I believe he is secretly studying and drawing programmes to Biafra restoration because I was surprised to see him visited Saudi Arabia so it will be on the issue of the struggle for restoration of Biafran independent every thing now is being getting to a conclusion


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