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Saturday 21 January 2017

Biafra: IPOB-Trump Rally: Murderous Buhari Sanctioned Killing Of Biafrans After Being Omitted From Trump's Inauguration Guest List

21 January, 2017

Just like the government of Nigeria and her media gave Hillary Clinton their full support (financially and politically) during the campaign, Biafrans and the media team of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, gave Donald J. Trump their full support. It is worthy of note that no country on earth is as divided, with regards to their choice of the US presidential candidate, as it is in the case of Nigeria and Biafra.

IPOB's choice of Donald Trump rose from the values he stood for and the evil he stood against. As against the Obama-Kerry Jihadist government that financed regional conflicts across the globe, promoted inequality, repression of indigenous peoples, anarchy by African leaders, injustice and radical Islamization, Trump rose to be an answer to these numerous problems that is already overwhelming the entire world.

In the euphoria of Donald Trump's emphatic victory in the presidential election, Biafrans could not wait to kick off "Trump's Solidarity Rally", an event that was scheduled for 20 January 2017, as supporters were spotted in some busy areas of Igweocha, with printed Biafran T-shirts, caps and flags in the late hours


Despite heavy security presence and intimidation, the flying military helicopters, armoured tankers, security vans and road blocks to deter Biafrans from rallying in support of Trump, Biafrans came out to the streets as early as 7:45am carrying big banners with messages like: "Biafrans For Trump", "America Will Be Great Again", "Biafrans Stand With Trump" etc. American flags, Russian flags, Donald Trump's portrait and Israeli flag were also spotted as the train of supporters increased.

As at 10:00am, the number of Biafran supporters rallying in solidarity with Trump has risen to three million -marching with joy, chanting songs of hope. Hardly could anyone believe that Trump's inauguration that is passionately celebrated in Biafra is happening in far away Washington DC, USA.


According to intelligence reports, IPOB T-shirts was shared to soldiers in the late hours of 19 January 2017 at the Nigerian Army Barracks at Igweocha, venue of the rally. In the brief, they were instructed to join the rally with pistol gun, erupt violence and then shoot people in the process. The aim is to radicalise the rally and finally nail IPOB down as a terrorist organization as Nigeria has always intended to.


Unfortunately for the Nigerian government, IPOB media team alerted the world to this regard and warned against the consequences of such actions, should Nigeria insist on carrying out such atrocity.

The plan failed, and the Nigerian soldiers came out barefaced, pitched themselves at the rally route and rained bullets on Biafrans rallying in solidarity with Donald Trump. As at the time of this report, more than 11 Trump supporters have been shot dead, more than 100 injured and many were arrested without knowing where they were taken to.

It is notable that Biafrans came out unarmed in this solidarity rally for Donald Trump and has been chanting songs of freedom -showering praises to Trump till the Nigerian Army turned the rally to a bloody one.

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Meanwhile we also gathered that Buhari felt so disappointed after being ignored by Donald Trump amongst his list of invited guests for his inauguration ceremony, that he had no option than to sanction military invasion during the peaceful rally in Igweocha before jetting out of the country under the pretence of being sick.

Again, aside Nigeria's financial aid to Hillary Clinton's campaign, the Nigerian government led by Muhammadu Buhari has continued to exhibit undisguised hostility towards Donald Trump and everything he stands for.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have reported Buhari's crimes in parts, yet the international communities and the Western powers prefer to remain silent and unmoved.

To this end, IPOB passionately prays the government of the United States Of America, the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the international communities and all other human rights bodies to checkmate and prosecute this unchained despot, Buhari, for these unprovoked, yet deliberate killings that has been going on since he took to power; as we press forward to a greater Africa -free from dictators and oppressors.

Long Live Donald J. Trump
Long Live The Government Of USA.

Written By Somuadila Ugwummadu 
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers.

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  1. All murderous agents of the Cattle Republic called Nigeria and their British collaborators would forever be hunted down by the innocent bloods of Biafrans the zoo had wasted. It is a matter of time.


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