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Sunday 26 March 2017


March 26, 2017

I am not shocked nor surprised by the latest development regarding the ruling of justice Binta Nyako in Kanu's case during the last court session. It is said that the influence of a bad leader is prominent like the smell of a he goat, and it can be ascribed to Binta's actions where Buhari like a tyrant that he is, has put his foot down and hellbent on denying Nnamdi Kanu and others freedom as ordered by Justice Ademola of the Federal High court.

It was noticed that during the absence of the Nigerian Hitler, Muhammadu Buhari, sanity to an extent returned to certain governmental institutions, including the judiciary. There were progress reports in various sectors; economically, food products became cheaper, exchange rate a bit palatable as dollar dropped against the worthless naira, justice came into view for the falsely accused and illegally detained and wanton killings by herdsmen and Boko haram stopped abruptly.

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Then the missing, rumoured dead and almost forgotten president arrived from no where to knock out all progressive acts being put in place in his absence by Yemi Osibanjo the vice president. Like a pariah and bad omen that he represents, the country is back to square one, an archaic zero level he portrayed and projected since he assumed office.

I had smelt a rat when out of the blues an incapacitated aged sick man materialized like a ghost in the dark, tirelessly reinstating his almost forgotten status greedily before the elapse of sixty days.

Since his return, bloodshed has resumed from all nooks and crannies, Fulani herdsmen leading the onslaught with  military protection. Most recent are the Ife and Benue killings, yet the president silently watches but quickly writes to Britain a condolence message concerning the death of five who perished from the terror attack in Westminster, London; what stark hypocrisy!

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Muhammadu Buhari came with a mission and he has succeeded in immunizing boko Haram and his Fulani herdsmen/kinsmen against arrest or reprisals. They enjoy presidential protection because he is their grand patron (Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association).

Secondly, he has instituted corruption ironically, showcasing cases of unconvicted criminals and cleansing of those who rejoins APC like Orji Uzor Kalu, Rotimi Amarachi and others. APC is now the haven for criminals who stole not only the people's mandate but their voices, money and self-esteem.

Now, he has systematically voiced his newest and next plan to unveil the islamization of Nigeria through justice Binta Nyako starting with the integration of Sharia law into Nigeria's legal system, using Nnamdi Kanu’s case as experiment where she referred Kanu's defense counsel to Sharia law as her basis for secret trial stems from it.

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Early this month, in the absence of her cousin, Hitler Muhammadu Buhari, she had struck out six out of the eleven false charges levied against Kanu and others. She had declared IPOB a "lawful society", which was considered a landmark in the case and our agitation for freedom. She had promised to give a final ruling on the remaining charges on the 20th of March, 2017; but it was not the case as Barr. Ejiofor had filed for justice Ademola's ruling to be effected as it has not been vacated, urging Binta to grant Kanu and others bail, especially since she has ruled IPOB a "lawful society."

On hearing the new application, justice Binta reminded all present that her suspended ruling on secret trial still stands as she has no intention of going back on her words. Despite all efforts made by Ejiofor to enlighten the court on why such ruling is not permissible under common law, Buhari's puppet insisted and buttressed that her ruling stems from Sharia law. Justice Binta like a god declared that she was going to feature masquerades to testify against Kanu, free from the eyes of the public in accordance with Sharia law. This i can say is the greatest blunder and understatement of the Buhari-led government of Nigeria, one we have never been acquainted with since Nigeria was concocted by Britain.

Prior to Buhari's return, everyone had jubilated, believing that at last justice was near but it is now certain that she was protecting herself from further shame and disgrace in the absence of Buhari. Little wonder it was observed that on his return, like the tide she twinged back like the beach sand.

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Binta, I hope you studied the Constitution very well and rules of the game you are playing? Has Nigeria become an Islamic caliphate? Is Nnamdi Kanu a Muslim to warrant being tried under sharia law? Are you a judge of the federal high court or Kadi of Sharia court?

Biafra Writers in conjunction with the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu are unequivocally reiterating that none of this nefarious plan of yours will be allowed to prevail. We will resist to the end, even if it means getting you off the bench. It is a shame that such words like Sharia trial were voiced out by a supposed learned justice of the federal high Court.

It is a well known fact that Nigeria is an Islamic proponent in West Africa, but residing within same entity are Christians also who are predominantly Biafrans. Therefore, Nnamdi Kanu a christian whose case is before justice Binta of the Federal High Court court is to be treated under common law as opposed to Sharia trial.

There is no value in presenting masked witnesses when hundreds of souls have  been openly and secretly  murdered by the Nigerian military personnel. Seeking Biafra has nothing to do with Islam and should not be diverted as such.

By Victoria O.C. Agangan
Edited & Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writer

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