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Sunday 26 March 2017


March 26, 2017

The Buhari-led government on assumption into office lied that there was no money in the treasury, hence the hopeless situation being faced by the masses and which has eventually culminated in recession. Corruption and deception have become inseparable twins in the administrative arm of Nigeria; they shamelessly lie to the populace using Lai Mohammed a.k.a lie Mohammed as their spokesman.

The government is expertly robbing the taxpayers in various ways. No wonder their thirst and quest for power is insatiable and they will do anything to remain in power.

No wonder they are ever ready to murder Biafrans, so they can saturate their desires with returns from her oil and gas sales.

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Now we know why they want our estates to be their backyards, so they can easily tap our resources without stress. Not surprising that they chant "One Nigeria" even when they recruit and organize terror groups, such as Boko haram, Fulani herdsmen and radicalized military personnel to extinct Biafrans and quell oppositions by suppressions, oppressions and killings.

Nigeria is not a country but a den of wolves, vampires, foxes and vultures. They are a combination of preying animals trailing their victims constantly. These devourers scan wealthy areas naturally enriched and cunningly encroach in as compatriots, then turn foes to unleash woes in due course to unsuspecting victims. They hijack, maim and absolutely destroy the trust, friendship and life willingly handed to them.

Nigeria kills her subjects by Crookery. The leaders enjoy the goodies money can afford while the masses do all the sweating and labour their strength can provide.

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From their meagre income, they are taxed. They pay taxes to the government, police, "omo onile" (touts) etc. They pay for being alive in Nigeria and struggling to make ends meet.

The okada riders and commercial bus drivers are often harassed by tactless and untrained numerous taskforce agents: VIO, LATSMA, KAI, etc. When they are caught, whether guilty or not, they must part with money or risk being killed.

In the markets, traders pay various degree of taxes; they pay to the government, for rentage, to local councils. There is no easy way to making money for these taxpayers, while their leaders continues to amass great wealth from their sufferings.


It is now understood what Buhari meant when he asserted that "I am for everyone, but i belong to nobody", invariable such connotation implies that he is for everybody's money and not for anybody's problem as the plight of both the average and poor Nigerians means absolutely nothing to him even in recession; as long as there is enough stolen money stashed in his coffers, all is okay by him.

When he first took office, he went on globetrotting, lavishing the taxpayers money from the revenue generated by his predecessor, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, until he (Buhari) declared the treasury empty. They blamed Jonathan and others for every of their ineptitudes but themselves. Eventually, recession set in; companies began to roll out of Nigeria, citizens suffered hardships and lack until now.

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Crime has returned in full force. Hunger, insecurity, killings and human rituals , suicide etc, yet resounding silence has shed these atrocities.

Nigeria is a crooked place with thieving leaders and many no longer wishes to be a part of her. These and many more vital reasons brought about the struggle for Biafra. We do not want an allegiance enshrined in corruption, marginalization, plunder and wanton killings of Biafrans. All we seek is the restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra in totality; a land created by God and built on honesty, transparency and justice. A home for enabling professionalism and technology.

We need our Republic of Biafra, where our leaders will be accountable to the masses. Biafra will be a democracy by the people, of the people and for the people. We reject Nigeria in its totality, we refuse to remain in a dead Nigeria.

#Free Nnamdi Kanu
#Free Biafra

By Victoria O.C. Agangan
Edited & Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers

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