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Thursday 9 March 2017

Biafra: Joe Igbokwe "The Bat" Transforms Into a Caricature Following His Dance Of Shame (Part 1)

March 9, 2017

Although I started following the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu-led Radio Biafra broadcast and the restoration project under the banner of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) from the outset, it was your article titled "Why Nnamdi Kanu's Biafra Project must be stopped" that served as the perfect confirmation needed to know that I was in the right family and fighting for a noble cause, that is truly heavenly ordained.

People like us that are fortunate to be blessed with a discerning spirit know that characters like you will never support a just cause neither will you support any move that will favour your people because you want to be seen as being "politically correct" - a detribalized lover of the unity of this Lugardian contraption named "One Nigeria."

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If your article had supported the restoration of Biafra, it will obviously mean that the project totally lacks the backing of the Almighty. It would have meant that this current project of the restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra does not have the support of the Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama.

Every discerning person knows that it is a taboo for you to support any project that will result in the collective good of your people.

All that any one amongst your people needs to make a good decision in Nigeria, is to take an opposing opinion on any issues that you have taken a stand on. Thus, immediately, you called for the "stoppage of the Nnamdi Kanu-led Biafra project", we simply thanked God for the coming of Biafra in advance.


It would have been a disaster for us if you had supported the coming of the Sovereign State of Biafra. If you had done that, it will obviously mean that Biafra won’t be possible or will be a disaster when restored. And because you did not, everything points to the direction that Biafra will definitely live up to our expectations of a 2nd Japan.

Of course, for a man like you whose calling in life is to have your stomach and pocket filled, and any other thing that will please your political godfathers and associates, what should one expect from you if not sabotage? Your idea of a progressive (which you claimed to be) is to be awarded with the tag of a nationalist. And you know that in this charade contraption called Nigeria, such tag can only be achieved by pleasing other Nigerians and hating on your Igbo/Biafran people.
Thus, to live up to your detribalized and nationalist Nigerian tag, you saw nothing wrong when the former Lagos State governor, Babatunde Fashola rounded up some Igbos and deported them by the dead of the night to head bridge in Onitsha and dumped them with the flimsy excuse that they are destitute.


Of course, you went to town to defend that indefensible action. You did not only defend it but you equally supported and called for more of such deportations because according to you, the Igbos needs to be in their land to develop it.

So it did not come as a surprise when you called for this current Biafran agitation to be stopped. Of course, that call got you hailed and loved by the other regions even to the point of getting honoured as a "nationalized and an adopted son" of one of such regions. Following the accolades by the members of your adopting region, came your basking in the euphoria of getting accepted as a detribalized and a Nigerian nationalist.

You then went to town with the tales of how the marginalization of the Igbos was nothing but a fallacies eventhough in "crocodile tears", you asked members of your adopting region and their collaborators to address the "non-existent" Igbo marginalization.


The truth is that your call for the stoppage of the Nnamdi Kanu Biafra restoration Project seemed to be the magic wand the struggle needed to boost his followers' morale and activity. The week your article was published was the same week we received the highest number of Biafrans desiring to join the struggle. “We are happy that finally, the Batman has taken a stand", which was the reason the prospective members as at the time gave for joining the struggle immediately your article hit the news stand. They confessed that they have been patiently waiting for characters like you to make a decision on the struggle. They emphasized that any cause you support must be bad and any project you hate must be good.

And who does not know that just like "the bat" that you are not capable of taking a peep into the future? If only you can, then you ought to have noticed that the people of your adopting region are "all united in raising conspiratorial eyebrows and making caricature of your betrayal tendencies". But who will blame them? Who in his right senses will be comfortable with a man who talked down and betrayed the aspirations of his own people?


This is the reason i told everyone that cared to listen, that the Lugardian contraption was headed for its hardest times ever immediately you opted for another path of darkness by beating your chest in support of a 72 years-old shameless lying grand-father: The African Hitler Muhammadu Buhari (AHMB) to run for the president of the country.

Yes! A shameless grand-father that lied before a worldwide audience that Nnamdi Kanu sneaked into the country in spite of having two international passports even when a 5 years-old knows that there is no way he would have passed the both British and Nigerian immigrations without any valid international passport.

For a man like you who I believe is old enough to have witnessed what the country passed through just within the 20-months period that this 72-years-old man ruled to still be calling for his 2nd coming like a "Parroting Bat" speaks a lot about your ill convictions in life.

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The good thing is that AHMB has not disappointed at all. With another recession added to the one he gifted the nation during his first coming, prices of food stuffs hitting the ceiling, skyrocketing foreign exchange rates coupled with selective and bastardized anti-corruption fight, he has truly proven his mantle.

The only area that I’m however disappointed with him is that as a blood-thirsty dictator that he is, he has not "wasted" enough blood as expected.

However, with as much as 1,000 members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria popularly known as the Shiites (with official number at 347), over 808 Christians killed in Southern Kaduna, another over 505 murdered in Agatu and other Benue communities, Over 1000 IPOB members murdered under this able watch either by the Nigerian Army under his direct command or the Fulani herdsmen under his grand patronage, he obviously has not done badly.

The European Hitler obviously must be rejoicing in his grave over the killing prowess of his African protege – AHMB, whom you Joe Igbokwe "The Bat", complicitly believe is the best thing to have happened to humanity.


By Chuks Ikedigwe
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

Author: [email protected]

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