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Tuesday 28 March 2017


March 28, 2017

I have always said that Biafra is a lamp lit on a hill and cannot be hidden at all. This Biafran truth has seen many defeats and suffered defects of sorts but like water, she always finds her route. The colonial masters appeared from nowhere and invaded our ancestors tranquillity, introducing religion and stylishly stole away their dignity and reign; the warriors fought but gun power and force outweighed their efforts, therefore the enemy enforced them into an evil amalgamation in 1914.

Survival has been difficult in a union with rogues who only have eyes for booties and kill at every instance to loot and rob from us. Been merchants and municipal in character, we have spread to every nook and cranny gathering wealth according to our efforts, yet they will not let us be. Therefore, after the continued incarcerations, killings and especially the betrayal of the Aburi accord by Gowon, Dim Ojukwu stood out and held out our Biafran light for the world to see. Though the war was tough and rough, it was declared as no victor, no vanquished!

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Yet, all that happened between 1966- 1970 is still happening till date. The same problems abound after several decades. The killings increased instead of abating, victimization of sorts, political elusions, developmental segregations and numerous intentional omissions have been our plight.

Joint efforts by co-habitats to subdue our region, take over our estates and subdue our will power has been so openly displayed. They hate us but love our wealth. How comical. Now the lion of Biafra has risen to the occasion, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the mouth piece of Biafrans, the incorruptible, brave prince who will not be silenced or bought over is raising the Biafran light higher than ever before.

After series of futile efforts to debase and destabilize our agitation, the Nigerian government has come to realize that the Biafran truth cannot be hidden. The more they try, the more the truth is unveiled.

Us congress are talking Biafra, BBC is talking Biafra, Media stations all over the world are talking Biafra, musicians are singing her songs, Nigerian senate are talking Biafra. Even Kuje prison has turned into a Biafran institute, where highly placed Nigerians, governors, etc go and get knowledge from Kanu. They become born again the Biafran way through the hearing of the gospel of Truth.


Nowadays, council of traditional leaders march to court demanding for our Director's release, the fourth personality in Nigeria Senator Ike Enweremadu has severally asked for his release; just recently, a sworn enemy, Rochas Okorocha nicknamed "Okoroawusa" the Imo state governor who ordered the shooting and demolition of IPOB members' house used for meeting is not only soliciting for reconciliation but the release of Mazi Nnamdi.

This Biafran truth will not diminish and like the sun, she has come to shine her light forever. Biafra will never die. Biafra must be restored in truth and in all honesty.

By Victoria O.C. Agangan
Published By Nwosu C.S 
Biafra Writers

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  1. Nothing is hidden under the sun. In due course, it MUST PREVAIL, though it may tarry, but we must wait, because it must come to Pass. Adm. HENRY DANIEL ~ACIA


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