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Friday 3 March 2017

BIAFRA: EMEKA MBA, Ex-DG OF NBC - THE STORY SO FAR? *Any Biafran that goes to Serve Nigeria Comes Home in a Disgrace

*Any Biafran that goes to Serve Nigeria Comes Home in a Disgrace
Emeka Mba Ex-DG OF NBC
*Hope you have now confirmed that Nnamdi Kanu is a Prophet?
4th March 2017
Once upon a time, you were their darling. The darling of the evil contraption called Nigeria. As the then DG of the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), they hailed you in high heavens as if they loved you. Off course, they hated you with passion. They hated everything about you including those who loved you. The hate was so much that they extended it to us, your people who truly loved you and wanted you to do what is right. While they hailed and called you big names, you basked in the euphoria of "one Nigeria". Now you know no Biafran is a Nigerian. When "Nigerians" steal money, no probe is instituted on them but when a Biafran works diligently, he is accused of embezzlement and fraud and chased around with the EFCC.

While you were busy fighting for the unity of Nigeria and its oneness that never existed, your today's accusers were busy mocking you at your back. Many of them just can't fathom your reasons for carrying the Radio Biafra must be jammed and neutralized as well as the Biafra restoration project must be stopped campaigned on your head when you did absolutely nothing to stop the then hateful broadcasts from APC party's evil menace radio called "Radio Chanji" which formation was spearheaded by today's Nigerian President, African Hitler Muhammadu Buhari (AHMB) and his other APC goons.


The truth is that they only praised you because you were against your people and against the divine project of the restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the hidden truth that Radio Biafra was exposing to its faithful listeners. It's a known fact that the best way to get loved by the other Nigerians today is to speak against Biafra and work against its restoration drive. 

If you want instant reward from the evil Nigerian state, then call for the head of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and a stoppage of his Biafran restoration Project and Radio Biafra and you will get a standing ovation. Joe Igbokwe did it and became an instant detribalized Nigerian, and got rewarded with a tax collector's post.

Rev. Ejike Mbaka did same and instantly had an audience with the  Biafra restoration hating President and Presidency. Got engaged as an agent of the Sokoto Islamic Caliphate against Biafran interest with its various mouth-watering packages and equally on the line for an oil well reward.

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Churchhill Okonkwo did and got handsomely rewarded with other further promises. Oby Ezeweskili did it by forgetting the killings of her kinsmen in Biafra land by Fulani herdsmen but was running up and down in search of the "phantom" missing Chibok girls and became a nationalist.

The list goes on

Mazi Emeka Mba, the only reason you became their hero is because you hated Biafra and the freedom it guaranteed for Biafrans. You become their hero when you vowed to jam and stop the truth telling and broadcasting  Radio Biafra.
While you fought to stop that God ordained project they hailed and sang your praises. You equally carried your shoulder high thinking that you were in the same camp as "human beings"

Do I need now to tell you that you were only with animals from the Zoo? (apologies to Nnamdi Kanu). Off course, events, as it unfolds today, confirms it all.


How have the animals rewarded you for your supposedly meritorious service to them? Are they not today persecuting you? Have they not today humiliated you? Are you not being stripped of your deserved credit? Are you not being ridiculed today?  Have you not became a common thief and a routine guest of the EFCC?

We know that the allegations against you are spurious, vexation and personal vendetta driven by the unholy interest to rubbish and have you removed from office and permanently shut you up.

Of course, even your former "one Nigerianists" hailing-hailers now turned your today's accusers and tormentors know you did no wrong. However, the good thing is that Chukwu Okike Abiama is using them to confirm the words of his son Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that: Any Biafran by origin that serves the Zoo Nigeria contraption must return back in disgrace, humiliation and with a battered reputation.

Are you today not being singled out for persecution? Are your fellow members of the NBC board from the other axis that approved the transactions you are accused of not left out of prosecution? Ditto the Minsters that authorized them.

MUST READ: EFCC recovers N10b from NBC, to prosecute ex-DG Emeka Mba, others
  "Travails of former DG of NBC, Emeka Mba as published by Thisday Newspaper on 4th of February, 2017" .... tells your humiliation story very well.

We obviously feel no pity for you because Mazi Nnamdi Kanu warned you in advance. Your case is a very good example to others who are Biafrans by origin: Serve Zoo Nigeria and come back in disgrace and humiliation.

Thank God who gives 2nd chance. You still have the opportunity to amend your ways and join us to preach his gospel of the restoration of God's Kingdom on earth, Biafra now that the "moving Biafran train" is heading to its referendum and final destination.

By Chuks Ikedigwe 
Published By IkeChukwu NwaOrisa     
For Biafra Writers

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