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Saturday 11 February 2017

Biafra: Rev. Fr Usman Ejike Mbaka, A Chameleon In Cassock

Rev. Fr Usman Ejike Mbaka, A Chameleon In Cassock

11th February 2017

Its no longer news that Rev. Fr Usman Ejike Mbaka is a controversial priest, and he does not shy away from dabbling into political issues instead of focusing on saving souls for God which he had sworn to do many years ago during his priestly ordination. He makes caustic political statements against politicians, which not only reverberates across the Nigeria, generating applause and odium by his sheepish supporters, It also makes him start shadow boxing albeit crying out that people are after his life, saying he will not be deterred by such threats. Never mind that none of the threats in the past have actually been investigated by the police to prove its authenticity. 

Usman Mbaka, had on December 31, 2014, prophesied that the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan will spell disaster for the country, calling on him to resign quietly. Mbaka had claimed that he was receiving threat messages following his new year eve message entitled “From Good Luck to Bad Luck” During the sermon at the Christ the King Catholic Church Parish, GRA, Enugu.


In a follow-up message on Sunday, January 4, 2015, Mbaka said if such threats could move him, he would not even be standing before the congregation that morning. “Tell them I am not afraid of them. I have said what I was asked to say. The only word I have for them is Isaiah 54:15, 17: “Surely they shall gather, but because the gathering is not of God they shall scatter. No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper. They said Buhari gave me money, but I have never met with Buhari. I don’t know him in person. I only delivered the message I was given and I stand by that message because the future of this country is bleak with Jonathan on the saddle,” he said.

Mbaka claimed that he had delivered the message he had been given, which raised the question of who actually gave him the message in the first place? Is the message from the living, the dead or the Spirit? He was silent on the name of the person implying that it was divinely given which begs the question of whether the same divine spirit also inspired the message he publicly gave in November 2014 to Patience Jonathan, wife of the former president, when she visited his church barely a month to his ill statements.


Mbaka told Patience Jonathan that her husband had done well and deserved a second term. He said Jonathan could have done more if not for “distractions”, clearly alluding to security challenges the administration has grappled with for years while faulting those blaming the president for not rescuing the more than 200 schoolgirls abducted from Chibok by Boko Haram militants. “Jonathan is not a kidnapper,” Mbaka said at a mass service also attended by deputy senate president, Ike Ekweremadu, and thousands of worshippers.

At the time Mbaka supported Jonathan for a second term. The Enugu-Onitsha has been dilapidated for years; why didn’t  he tell Patience about the bad road then and counsel that Igbos are becoming increasingly frustrated because they have got nothing for the massive support they gave to Jonathan before and after his election as president? Given that he must have had the first Lady’s ear for even a moment while she was in his enclave, why didn’t Mbaka tell Patience the home truth only to suddenly turn around with a vociferous criticism of her husband’s first term tenure? Is it not obvious that Usman Ejike Mbaka is a chameleon?

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We can recollect vividly, that Usman Ejike Mbaka said: "When the Goodluck met Musa Yar'adua, the Yar'adua had bad luck and died. Before we knew it, when the Goodluck met our oil, our oil had bad luck and poured away. Before we knew it, Goodluck met our naira, our naira had a bad luck. Where are we going in this country, shall we continue to experience the bad luck?"   

Watch Video of Mbaka's message:

Usman Ejike Mbaka campaigned for Muhammadu Buhari intensively and prophesied that he will bring the change for the good of all Nigeria. Many people, including his gullible and hypnotized followers, believed every word he said. But today the reverse is the case. 


Buhari’s government is the worst ever in the history of governance in Nigeria, Nigerians are suffering like never before, the economy is winding down, Nigeria is already divided and  Mbaka’s Muhammadu Buhari is nowhere to be found while Goodluck Jonathan is receiving honorary awards by the international community.

Usman Ejike Mbaka should hide his face in shame. He should confine himself within his claimed call as a priest and stop meddling into political matter and matter concerning the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB.

Written By Chijindu Benjamin Ukah 
Edited By Chuks Ikedigwe 
Published By IkeChukwu NwaOrisa
For Biafra Writers


  1. U people are being vulgar and inductive.its not good.

  2. Mbaka is a false and fake priest. He is biblically illiterate and ignorant. He does not follow God of justice and liberation of His people from captivity and bondage. He's a disgrace to priesthood and Catholic Church.

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