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Saturday 25 February 2017


February 25, 2017

There is no doubt that many still wonder why we are ready to die for an unborn nation despite all the obstacles that IPOB has encountered, while some others ponder what we hope to achieve by sacrificing our all for this noble cause. I will not blame their shortsightedness nor lack of understanding of the passion we possess for our fatherland, afterall only a true Biafran can understand the future Biafra holds for her people.        

How can it be described that our umbilical cord lies in her which has been bastardized by strangers for so long, even longer than necessary. Naboth who was murdered by King Ahab because of his inheritance stood his ground to death, he refused to sell his ancestral heritage. Ahab stole it by force and killed him for his property due to greed and selfish desires and this is similar to the case of Biafrans who has been unwillingly drawn into an unfitting union, a country concocted by Lugard under the supervision of the British Empire and named by his mistress Flora Shaw.

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Britain in sheep's clothing came and as wolves stole our inheritance due to the oil and gas they discovered in our land. Our ancestors had fought until their last breath to extricate us from the bondage we have been subjected to until the cunning fox ( Britain) connived with her submissive puppet the Northern region, as well as the hypocritical Westerners and without permission or formal agreement from the people of the old eastern region forced us into an alliance that has brought nothing but misery, pain, discord and death all through these years.

The zeal of the Hausa-Fulani oligarchy to wipe the Biafra race out of extinction through marginalization and death led to the declaration of Biafra by the late Ikemba Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, and yet till date since after the war, we are not relieved nor allowed to leave the godforsaken contraption....and i ask Why? We are fed up of an unholy alliance that only spells doom, poverty, destruction and death for us.

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There is no resemblance in our culture, language, beliefs, religion, dressing, origin or way of life. What is the affiliation we share in a loveless society where power tussle is intoxicating to a particular region which claims that ownership and rulership of the others belongs to them? Of what use are they to us when they have nothing productive to offer us other than death as their violent nature speaks volume of animalistic characterization? Should we remain in a suffocating environment just to please a selfish few? Should we allow threats to frighten us into humility? Is it true that we are handicapped and not able to maintain our status? Is Biafra not a trademark of her own? Is her rich heritage not a plus for her existence? How about the technology and industrialization that abides in her?

There is no doubt that Biafra is the epitome of wealth and beauty, industrialization, technology and natural resources. This is why, they are after her like soldier ants killing us in our lands and everywhere we reside with the intention of sending us into extinction; but unfortunately for them we are as seeds, the more they scatter or kill us, they more we sprout and harvest life, richness, fullness and prosperity.


To our dear leader Nnamdi Kanu, we appreciate and love you for all your efforts you have made from the onset till date. You have blessed our hearts and our land with your revival fire/ message of freedom and surely there will be no relenting because Biafra's  birth is ticking by the seconds and we are not falling back again to defeat, disaster or suppression. Be assured that your absence is like anointing oil from Aaron's beard binding us together, refilling our stamina and refreshing our souls for the race ahead. Having come this far, no uncircumcised Nigerian president will debar the David's victory already pronounced by God for Biafra's restoration.

The weeping has endured the night and our dawn is flashing her light. The already wounded are hopeful, the fallen heroes are crying out from cold narrow graves " Give us Biafra!" Who is able to withstand the unity of both the living, wounded and dead?  Surely not someone who's end is determined by the Almighty already. As long as the sun shines, as long as night turns to morning, our love for Biafra can only increase!

By Victoria O.C Agangan 
Edited & Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

1 comment

  1. Biafra restoration is not just about reclaiming the blessed land flowing with milk and honey - but it is about our culture, social norms, economics, politics and more especially spiritual and moral. Biafra Republic is a must - otherwise we remain cursed staying under the bondage, captivity and coming islamization of our people and land.


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