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Friday 17 February 2017


February 18, 2017

It is no longer news that Nigeria is more-or-less a sinking ship and her captain dictator Muhammadu Buhari missing. This deadly silence trailing the disappearance of the Nigerian dictator is as grievous as death itself. How can a country not be aware of the whereabout of her leader and how can the leader be so obscure as if he has lost the ability to speak and can no longer be heard by the citizen. It is on record that Buhari has ear problem, but never was it made known that he is also dumb.

The bane of Nigeria’s existence is catalogued in her lying administration which has not spoken a single fact since her creation by Frederick Lugard, and has worsened since the inception of Buhari's administration. He has held the people hostage with threats, abductions and killings, therefore we hardly find oppositions and objection in the vivid face of distortion of law and order.  No one is making bold to ask "where is Nigeria's Buhari and to demand proof of life.

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The absurdity in unity is very glaring, because there is discord in Nigeria's federalism.
The regions involved cannot make her centre hold as the power tussle is predominant with the North calling for war peradventure the president dies. How can unity abound when the Southerners are constantly threatened with war and death? This kind of unity is a sham as power to remain the conqueror is of priority to the Northerners.

One good thing about this whole saga is that it has highlighted the marginalization of Biafrans in this contraption. Fortunately, prominent people have realized this and are speaking up; even the criminal minded governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha is now making a U-turn on his stand and has stated that we are ill treated in Nigeria.

The handwriting on the wall needs more interpretation as the signs are pointing out the essential need for Biafrans to stop being at ease but start thinking homewards.
You may not relocate to think home, but essentially, it is time to come out and develop your home land. Making haste to put necessary facilities and industries in place to enable a start off for our soon coming Biafra should be the priority of every bonified Biafran.

Nigeria is hopelessly sinking and when fear and silence evade a land, it has become a cemetery with resident corpses. Who wants to be or remain a mobile corpse in Nigeria, that has swallowed and is still ending hopes of the generations yet unborn and while the living ones are hypnotized with fear and deadened feelings.


I am encouraging all bonified citizens of Biafra to stand for the truth, queue behind IPOB under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu and stand up for our own land, our heritage our hope and promise. We were before Nigeria and will remain an entity after her dissolution which is imminent. As for me and my household, we will follow Biafra. How about you?

I would rather not remain in a dark land, ignorant of my predicament, unsecured from all forms of attacks and intimidations, oppressed and suppressed in a so called democracy.
Nnamdi Kanu saw this coming, but they tried to suppress our voice of freedom; truth can never be hidden. The more they try, the more they will continue to fail to suppress the fact that Biafra has come to stay.

Victoria. O. C. Agangan 
Edited Published By Nwosu C.S 
Biafra Writers 

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