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Wednesday 25 January 2017


25th January, 2017

It was a hell of experience during and after the IPOB-Trump Rally organised by the Indigenous People of Biafra, which saw over 3million Biafrans, come out in support of the sitting president of the united states of America who was inaugurated on the 20th of january, 2017. I cannot wish my greatest enemy such an awful experience that is beyond human comprehension, description and analysis. It was an experience that totally confirms that humanity has lost its ability to discern the impending calamity that the continued existence of Nigeria portray for Black Africa.

It was an experience that clearly exposes and confirms the exceptional level of hatred that the state of Nigeria and her security apparatus have for the people of Biafra. I have always know that the contraption called Nigeria is more or less a Zoo, but I have never known that comparing Nigeria to a Zoo was an insult to even the lowest of animals in the Zoo.

She has absolutely no regard for human lives. The universally held belief that the primary function of government is the protection of lives and properties is a total mirage in the contraption called Nigeria. In fact, I now have reasons to strongly believe that the contraption called Nigeria is cursed. Or how else does one explain a situation where the government takes pride in ordering the murder of armless rallying citizens whose only crime is showing solidarity for a man they trust and believe in ( Donald J Trump)?

 January 20th, 2017 will forever remain fresh in my memory but the memory will however remain a haunting one. It was a day I witnessed the murder of the innocent citizens of Biafra right before my very own eyes. Eventhough the events of that day still haunts me, it is a day I will ever treasure for being able to survive the Carnage unleashed upon our people, an incident that left many dead, injured and missing. I will treasure it because I am alive to tell the story.

 It’s been well documented that Biafrans were murdered in their numbers by a combined team of Nigerian Military and the Police while on solidarity rally for President Donald Trump of United State of America at Igweocha, Biafra land.  Many others were abducted and taken to different police stations, army barracks and other locations.
I witnessed what took place behind the scenes during the arrests and abductions not because i'm an IPOB reporter/Biafra Writers but because I was equally a victim. Yes! I, EJIKE OFOEGBU saw it all.
It was like a dream when the murderous Nigerian Army and Police rounded up defenseless members of Indigenous People of Biafra, killed many in the process, inflicted terminal injuries on several others and had much more abducted to various locations.

 While covering the rally, the Nigerian Police rounded me alongside over 200 Biafrans up; they took us to Obigbo Police Station and forced 20 of us into a very tiny cell that couldn't contain more than 8 persons at a time. The cell had no window or any means of ventilation; we had to park ourselves like Sardine just to fit in. Seeing that we remained undaunted and in high spirit despite our ordeal, these police officers paid with tax payers’ money tear gassed the cell leading to an instant collapse of one of us, Chiukwu Ebube who afterwards was taken away by them and has remained unaccounted for till date.

Not long after Chiukwu Ebube’s collapse, we were asked to come out and lay under the hot sun.
Thereafter, five Hilux van brought in others, some were dead, injured and the rest intact; but to my surprise, the injured were counted as being dead.

 It was indeed a surprise seeing those who were still alive being counted among the dead, leaving me dazed. Imagine the goose bumps that enveloped my body seeing those who were mainly crying out for medical attention over injuries inflicted on them as being dead and driven away with the dead, to be killed alongside the dead ones.

The most horrifying experience is about Nkechi Ngozi, a female IPOB member who was equally arrested with us. Her case left me cursing the contraption called Nigeria and any one that may have approved or supported the ordeal we passed through in any form or manner.

She was made to face her head down and raise her legs up, until blood started to gush out of her nostrils. She was taken away in the cruelest way I have ever witnessed. She too remains unaccounted for till date.

At that point, I was thinking of ending it all. I couldn’t bear the pains our people were passing through in the hands of those that can be best described as animals in uniform. It was actually the arrival of my mother and sister that stopped me from going ahead with the action I wanted to take and end it all.

I regret not ending it because these animals in uniform even slapped my mother and sister. Not done with the humiliation, they made them stay under the Sun. I can’t even talk of the number of times I saw them getting pushed here and there, just for seeking my release. My hatred for Nigeria has gotten to a fanatical level which leaves me enrage each time i recall how my aged mother was manhandled for committing no crime.

After my horrible experience, I have decided to dedicate the remaining days of my life exclusively for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra and there is no going back until our aim is achieved.

Written By Ejike Ofoegbu
Edited by Chuks Ikedigwe
Published By Nwosu C.S 
For Biafra Writers 

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