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Friday 16 December 2016


Friday 16 December, 2016

Freedom is the process of being released from an unprofitable and uncomfortable situation or bond. It is not a crime to seek for it or to acquire freedom, hence the existence of fundamental human rights. Every individual is born free and has right to Freedom.

The world order changed this concept with colonization by greedy individuals who felt they were superior, wealthier and more opportuned than others many centuries ago.
They sailed to various lands and took over the helms of affairs by treachery, forgery and force; Biafra was no exception.

Our ancestors had fought and resisted, women too were involved in the war against tyranny and foreign intrusion into a system of an already existing people. Unfortunately, in 1914, Lord Luggard, a Briton illegally amalgamated Nigeria in Akwa Ibom without consent nor presence of Representatives of the entire ethnic groups that make up Biafra.

They forcefully and illegally added to a contrasting contraption as a punitive measure for fighting their invasion into the region. In his statement, Luggard maintained that his creation (Nigeria) were like oil and water. He gave them an option of existing for a century after which any part of the union can go separate ways. Nigeria has outstayed a hundred years.

The incompatibility of this contraption has been proven overtime by the inability of the union to mingle as a people. The northern region which had been more agreeable has been empowered with arms and military training, therefore the believe they are the born leaders of Nigeria. The West were tagged to the administrative sect and commerce, therefore, they feel comfortable while the Easterners who produce the main resource of the economy are intentionally denied vital opportunities and positions of notable standards.


Biafran land is milked daily and her oils carted away regularly while her lands are in neglect and depravation. Biafran oil which is the mainstream of Nigeria has continued to be the reason for a forced one Nigeria deception.
Over the years, the contraption is dependent on the oil wells and not ready to explore other sources of funding for developmental purposes.

Today, we are not ignorant of this fact and are now aware of the reasons for the civil war of 1967-70. We are very much aware of the marginalization, deprivation, cheating and suppressions of rights in all quarters against us. With the help of greedy, corrupt and bribed few Biafran leaders, we have now been limited in the midst of plenty. We are accorded the smallest portions in all shares, including creation of states.

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Now we have gone back to our basics and do not wish to exist in the contraption anymore.
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has created much aware- ness of the fact that we are a people with origin and heritage. Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu started the concept when he was betrayed by Gowon's deception after the Ghana- Aburi accord in 1966 and the massive slayings of Biafrans across the northern and western region.

Director Nnamdi Kanu has illumined hundreds, thousands and million minds.
All we crave and demand for is Biafran freedom! Buhari has once again murdered in hundreds unarmed Biafran children, women, ladies, youths, young men and old men. Their crime was asking for their fundamental human right " FREEDOM".


They kill us relentlessly and  forcefully oppress a people whose only ambition and chorus is freedom. This tyrannical venture will not succeed.

Nnamdi Kanu has been in detention for over a year without trial but continuous display of trickery and complete disorder of rule of law. Nigeria under Buhari has become lawless.

 Justice Tsoho danced consistently to Buhari's dictates and kept adjourning the case until he no longer could deal with the fa├žade. Now, Buhari's cousin, Justice Binta Nyako, has come with a slay mission.

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The new plan to have a secret trial where fake and masked witnesses will testify is an indication of a plan to secretly convict and kill or jail our leader but how can this be?

You accuse someone publicly on national television media chat, you kill innocent Biafrans with joint armed forces, you abduct IPOB members and incarcerate them and many are missing still. The whole world is watching and waiting, yet they want to secretly convict him. Impossible!

He has not killed anyone or led a coup unlike the Nigerian president who is guilty of both. Mazi Nnamdi only asked for freedom from a contraption as allowed in the United Nations charter.

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Nnamdi Azikiwe, Tarfawa Balewa, and Awolowo, all did the same with Britain when they asked for Nigerian independence and secured it on 1st, October, 1960.
Nelson Mandela, stood up against apartheid and secured freedom. None of these men were secretly tried not killed.

If the Nigerian government has a case against Nnamdi Kanu, we want it made known to the whole world. This injustice is like introducing a new dimension into Democracy. We are no longer in the military regime and this is no military trial.

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We call for the removal of emotional, partial and incompetent Buhari cousin, Binta Nyako, who is definitely unqualified to judge this case. We say a capital NO! to a secret trail.

The world is eagerly awaiting to see the display and alert tunes been played by the Nigerian government.

Are we in dictatorship or democracy? Is there anything like Demodictatorship? It is a capital NO from Biafrans!

Our leader Nnamdi Kanu will never be subjected to such a trial, Binta and Buhari should take note.

Victoria. O. C. Agangan
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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