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Tuesday 13 December 2016

Biafra: "Binta Do I Look Like A Fool To You?..Buhari Accused Me In The Open And So I Refuse To Be Tried In Secret"--KANU Thunders

December 13, 2016

ABUJA— Justice Binta Nyako of the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja, today, proceeded to deliver ruling on whether or not to allow masked witnesses testify against the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and three other defendants joined in the suit.

Recall that on the previous court sitting of 1st December, the Prosecution to the Federal government had through an application, obliged the court to allow its witnesses testify behind the scenes, claiming that their lives are being threatened.

He also prayed the court to give pseudo names to the witnesses, saying that this will ensure their safety and willingness to testify against the defendants.

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Just like Biafrans predicted, justice Nyako who arrived the court premises at 1:07pm to rule over the apllication for the allowance of masked witnesses and initiation of secret trial has finally yielded to Buhari's will.

The case kicked off ceremoniously with the introduction of SAN Chuks Muoma who appeared for the first defendant, Nnamdi Kanu, followed by the introduction of the rest of his team, Barrister Innocent Adoga who appeared for the 2nd defendant, then El Eseme for the 3rd and then Barrister Maxwell Okpara for the 4th.

Before proceeding to hear the case, SAN Chuks Muoma told the court that his client Nnamdi Kanu is not medically fit to stand for too long and as such should be permitted to sit down.


Justice Nyako in response to the plea demanded that Chuks Muoma should state the health challenges of the 1st defendant who he said should be seated down, and he answered that Kanu has a health issue which he is currently being treated for in prison and wouldn't want him to collapse in the dock. Binta thereafter granted their plea and proceeded to give her verdict on the application to allow masked witnesses, filed by the federal government of Nigeria.

Unsurprisingly, justice Binta ruled that the witnesses will appear with pseudo names and will be shielded from the eye of the public. In other words, there will be a secret trial to allow the witnesses air their testimony without fear according to her.


She buttressed her point by saying that in some circumstances under section 36(6) of the 1999 constitution, witnesses are allowed to conceal their identity. She held that the court will be able to see their witnesses, but it will be restricted to the representatives of both parties.

Justice Binta then went on to order both counsels to come to court on Thursday so as to see how the screening/shielding of the said witnesses will be done. She added that the court is going to be arranged in such a way that only the defendants and the defense counsels will be able to see the witnesses.

But Nnamdi Kanu in quick response to her presposterous ruling, made an outburst and thundered in amazement without fear by saying "do i look like a fool to you? I won't take this. Buhari accused  me in the public and the trial must be open to all, I won't accept this."

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Nnamdi Kanu went on raging in anger, while SAN Chuks Muoma tried to calm him down to no avail. Maxwell Okpara appearing for the fourth defendant said his client can't be a party to this new development of public not being allowed to see the witnesses.

The judge who without regard or concern for the feelings of Kanu and others went on to ask the other defense counsels if they agree to her ruling, and Eseme responded that his client vehemently refused and concluded that anything short of public trial is not acceptable by him.

Without further consideration, justice Binta maintained that her verdict stands and that the defense counsels and their clients will be allowed to see the witnesses, but members of the court will not see them, adding that this is her court and whatever she says will stand whether they like it or not.

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Provoked by Binta's ruling, the second accused, Benjamin accused her of playing Buhari's script, but Binta in retaliation, threatened to take drastic measures against him, if he doesn't take his time.

Nnamdi Kanu at the same time regurgigated yet again in anger and said that there will be no screening of witnesses, no pseudo names and no shielding of witnesses, asking further if the federal high court is now a sharia court. Binta who at the time looked undaunted despite her ludicrous ruling, finalized that her ruling stands.

Muoma then requested the court to adjourn the case to 14th of February but the defendants objected to it; Binta then said that the court closes nextweek, 20th Dec, and the court will be having a conference on 19th and will shut down on 20th of Dec, 2016. She then proceeded to adjourn the case to 10th, 11th and 12th of January 2017.

Chukwuemeka Chimerue, 
Anyikwa Cynthia And Ejike Ofoegbu
Reporting Live From Abuja
For Biafra Writers


  1. This is totally Devilish. How can such thing happen in a country well Developed and Modernized like ZOO Nigeria. I Stand With KANU And four Others. Buhari is Evil Binta is Evil. Biafra Said NO NO NO NO.

  2. mr kanabis kanabis13 December 2016 at 08:26

    The mental desorder of buhari has getting out of hands.

  3. Just take a look at people who said they are educated, acting and behaving so abnormal, buhari and his so called workers(fake nation builders) just laughing at them, all I know is that the truth must prevail, because I have never heared or seen where Truth is covered.
    Useless and ungodly people of buharis government shame to u,
    My advice is that they should better release our innocent President (NNAMDI KANU & CO.) before it is too late.

  4. This is pure wickedness and gross injustice. We must never allow this injustice against Nnamdi and others to happen. We must resist it. Enough of this evil and oppression.

  5. You can imagine a country like this forcing me to be her citizen. I reject being a Nigerian. Don't worry Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, God is working HIS Purpose out like ur name sounds 'Your FATHER lives '

  6. Ladies and gentle men, listen to the argument of the lawyers of the Nigerian government in support of their application for a secret trial against Nnamdi Kanu. They allege that....
    1. The witnesses are afraid that the their lives are at risk if they testify openly.
    2. That they are already being threatened by the Biafrans
    3. That they already recieved threat letters and messages.

    Now if these people are being threatened to the extent of recieving threat letters and messages, what again are they hiding for since we already know whom they are? If I dont know you I cannot issue a threat letter to you. So since threat letters and message are already being sent to these purported wiitnesses, what again are they hiding for and from whom?
    So you can see the lack of intelligence on the part of the counsels to the government and their hopeless DSS.
    It is a great shame that the Nigerian government with all their DSS cannot afford to provide even a single proof of their allegation against Nnamdi Kanu.

    The Nigeria military are denying the report of Amnesty International on the use of excessive force on the IPOB protesters alleging that the protesters are violent, but up until now, the Niigerian armed forces cannot provide one single evidence of violence on the part of the IPOB.
    The woorld now knows that Nigeria government is the most corrupt in the whole world.

  7. Everything about that British experiment expired Nigeria country is fake! Just see how Mohammadu Buhari has so disgraced himself and the so called country he is supposed to be leading? What a shame! The whole world can see that the fake fraudulent Nigeria country has got no merit. In Buhari's quest to find Nnamdi Kanu guilty of crimes that he did not commit, Buhari spent so trillions to bribe judges, bought the court, and now Buhari has gone to buy off some fake people to privately testify against Nnamdi Kanu? This Buhari sister Judge Binta Nyako and her criminal husband, and Judge John Tosho, and Buhari himself should all be thrown in jail. Nigeria is over!!!

  8. Buhari must leave our leader alone he must free him what is the meaning of secrets trial of an innocent man he is completely mad he must be insane for applying such major to jail our leader it can't happen

  9. mr kanabis kanabis14 December 2016 at 02:49

    The children of this bastard called buhari should warn their father, what h,it going to gain by jailing an innocent man? We are watching to see how he will suceed.

  10. Judge Binta Nyako must be disqualified and rejected to handle this case. Her comments on Dec. 1 and Dec. 13 clearly shows that she's working for Buhari. She's biased and must not be allowed to continue the case. Kanu's lawyers must move to disqualify her.


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