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Sunday 6 November 2016


Sunday 06 November, 2016

Looking at Nigeria, one need not be told that things are not moving well for the contraption. It is very obvious that president Buhari is not finding life easy with numerous problems confronting him and his administration (though many are self inflicted). The biggest of all these problems is Biafra agitation.

What many observers do not know is that the president has spent more money to quell this agitation than he has spent on any other project since he came into office. His biggest headache is IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, which makes Nnamdi Kanu his major problem. Nnamdi Kanu's offense is preaching the truth and exposing all hidden agenda concocted against Biafrans by the Hausa-Fulani hegemony to the whole of humanity, and he succeeded in also uniting the people of the old Eastern Region. Buhari erroneously thinks that the only solution to this problem is to put Nnamdi Kanu away for a long time, he has failed to realise that the Biafra agitation is not about Kanu, but about a people who are tired of being marginalized, killed and whose future looks bleak should they continue to hope for a better Nigeria.

This is why he is doing everything in his power to make sure Nnamdi Kanu is jailed. Since after justice Ademola acquitted Nnamdi Kanu, Buhari has continued to shop for a judge that is capable of doing his bidding, which ultimately is to jail Nnamdi Kanu. Initially, he thought that with the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, the agitation will die; but little did he know that his arrest will galvanize the agitation, causing it to grow from strength to strength with many new families from south-south joining the fold. Radio Biafra is permeating all the nooks and crannies of Biafraland spreading the gospel to more communities.

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It is unfortunate that it is only Buhari that decides which judge handles which case. This is because the Nigerian judiciary is a shadow of itself. It is weighed down by corruption, tribalism and nepotism which makes it ineffective and inefficient. The judges forget that as judiciary, they are a distinct arm of government, they fall over themselves to please the executive making them subservient to the executive.

In a democratic setting, there is separation of powers. Separation of powers is the division of responsibilities into distinct branches to limit any one branch from exercising the core function of another. This is just to prevent the concentration of power and provide for checks and balances. With the presidency choosing which judge handles which case, are they not exercising the core function of the judiciary?

A French philosopher Baron Montesquieu once said, "To most effectively promote liberty, these three powers must be separate and act independently". In Nigeria of today, the legislatures have been cowed and the judiciary is under attack by the executive. The few judges who are fearless enough to give judgement against the government are being intimidated by government attack dogs. A few weeks ago, the DSS harassed and arrested some noble judges who at one time ruled against the tyrannical government of Buhari, under the guise of fighting judicial corruption. One of the judges include Justice A.F.A Ademola of the federal high court Abuja, he was arrested for releasing Nnamdi Kanu unconditionally and granting Sambo Dasuki bail.
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The question then is, of what business is DSS with corruption cases, when there are agencies/institutions who have it within their jurisdiction to go after such culprits, e.g EFCC and ICPC?  The issue here is that all the judges arrested gave judgment against the government at one time or the other. Justice Ademola openly said that " I am facing persecution because i acquitted Nnamdi Kanu and granted bail to Sambo Dasuki"...these are the two men the president said he will not release even when Nnamdi Kanu had been discharged and acquitted and Dasuki granted bail by courts of competent jurisdiction.

With the intimidation still ongoing, Buhari further aggravated the already tensed situation by appointing another judge he feels will continue his dirty work from where John Tsoho stopped and that judge happens to be justice Binta Murtala Nyako. Justice Nyako is from Katsina state, (the same state with the president) she was born on 14th May 1959 and she became a judge on 28th July 2000. She is the fourth wife of rtd. Admiral Murtala Nyako former governor of Adamawa  state. She showed no hesitation to act the master's script by choosing to hear the case of Kanu on the same date that has already been chosen by ECOWAS Court to deliver judgement on a suit brought against the government by Nnamdi Kanu's lawyer, Barr. Ejiofor.

The whole world saw the somersault and dance of shame exhibited by justice John Tsoho which made Nigerian judiciary a laughing stock in the international community and completely damaged the reputation of John Tsoho ( if he had any remaining). We are watching justice Nyako to see what she has to offer. Will she try to salvage the already soiled reputation of the bench or will she join Tsoho in the dance of shame?....Tuesday has the answer.

Buhari must know that we are not afraid because Nnamdi Kanu has not broken any law, neither has any of his followers. We are only exercising our rights as enshrined in the UN charter on the rights of indigenous peoples and the African charter on human and peoples right, part 1, chapter 1, articles 8, 20 and 21 both of which Nigeria is a signatory to. Freedom of speech, association and assembly are also in the Nigerian Constitution and one is left to wonder if Nigerian laws only apply on papers, or only when it favours corrupt elements like Buhari who committed treason in 1984, when he usurped power from a democratically elected government of Shehu Shagari, or Tinubu the infamous Lion of Bourdillon who has bought the whole of Lagos in a pseudo name, or Rotimi Amaechi the one who prompted David Cameron to say that "Nigerians are fantastically corrupt" due to the earthquaking amount of money stolen during his tenure as governor of Rivers state, part of which was used for Buhari's election campaign, the list is endless.

We are waiting to see if justice Nyako will invent a new law or perhaps equate the Constitution of China or North Korea to convict Nnamdi Kanu just like Tsoho did by quoting civil law as obtainable in Ivory Coast, a francophone country, as against common law practiced in Nigeria, in order to justify his shameful misdemeanor in court. We have the truth as our bedrock and our God, Eze Chukwuokike Abiama and as such we are not moved. We are confident of victory in ECOWAS court, while it is left for justice Binta to restore humanity's confidence in the Nigerian judiciary.

One thing is sure, nothing and no man can stop the restoration of the kingdom of heaven here on earth. Biafra is a divine project, not even Buhari can stop it.


By Afokwalam Joseph
Edited And Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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