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Wednesday 2 November 2016


Wednesday 2 November, 2016

The indigenous people of Biafra IPOB worldwide and the directorate of State DOS condemned the statement credited to the foreign affaire minister chief Geoffrey Onyeama.
The shocking comments from Geoffrey Onyeama, to wit, that we are using “Uncivilized Methods” in our peaceful agitation for freedom from this hellish hell called Nigeria, has only exposed either his naivety on the fate of his children and grand children in this contraption or his sycophantic attempt to endear himself to Gen. Buhari, at the expense of his own people.

Onyeama went further to state that we do not have the mandate of ourselves to desire to free ourselves from prison. Funny. He also insinuated that we are a violent organization.
We wish to inform Minister Onyeama, that he only exposed himself to ridicule, as our people have recently united behind us as we march towards liberating ourselves, to the extent that even those who misunderstood us have all apologized to us. Mr. Onyeama lives in an isolated world of himself.

We plead with Minister Onyeama to enquire from his Oga why his people refuses to include religion and ethnicity in the census data. Why Jamb Cut off marks for northern students are lower than that for southern students. Why the entire South East are crammed into only 95 local governments (almost at par with old Kano State) why the east had the lease amount in the 2016 budget, why the East was excluded from projects billed for the 30 Billions dollar loan, why unnarmed Ipob members are slaughtered like chicken, why F.G. refused to obey court order granting unconditional release to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. We know Minister Onyeama would never find the courage to confront his Oga with these self evident truths.


Minister Onyeama, All government apologists and agents of the oppressor have repented and apologized to us. You are standing all alone in your fear of the truth. ONLY THE TRUTH CAN SET YOU FREE. We have sighted the Promised Land, as we cross the red sea with confidence and faith; we know what will soon happen to Pharaoh and his chariots. You only represent the last relics and vestiges of a dying breed, a breed that held us down for over 4 decades. Check your watch Sir, to find out what time it is. The train left the station, while you were still in the bathroom Sir.

Finally, we plead with Capt Ben. Gbulie to kindly make suggestions on how we may escape the miseries he and his colleagues plunged us into, 50 years ago.
Captain Gbulie knows, that the humiliation we have been subjected to since 1966 has become unbearable, he knows the lop-sided killings he and his colleagues embarked upon on 16th of January 1966, plunged us into the suffering. He also knows that the Pogrom, the war, and the slavery of our people since then, is only as a direct result of their failed coup of January 1966.
Captain Gbulie and co. embarked on an exercise that failed woefully and led to the death of over 3 million souls, the dislocation of our people from the affairs of Nigeria and the unacceptable subjection of our people to perpetual slavery.


Retired captain Gbulie and Co., who should apologize for placing us in this horrible mess, ought in all honesty to make atonement and lead the struggle for freedom of their children and grand children from this mess they put us into.

It is the height of disgrace for captain Gbulie to blame us for the mess he created without making any useful suggestion on how to deliver us from the pit his action of January 1966, pushed us into. We are making every effort to climb out from that pit without any help from the very people who created the problems for our generation.

The fact that, the same characters are today, hired and paid to subvert and undermine our effort is pathetic. The Gbulie interview would have made sense, had he offered useful suggestions on how to help our people climb out of the political latrine their actions of January 1966, pushed us all into. Pity.

By:  Emma Powerful; Media and Public Secretary for IPOB


  1. Mazi Emma, you are truly a powerful writer and courageous leader. Thank you immensely for this powerful response to Geoffrey Onyeama - an Igbo coward who will prefer to live under bondage in order to serve his despot ruler and illiterate boss. Biafra is going home whether these Igbo saboteurs want it or not. They cannot over-ride the divine mandate and wishes of millions of Biafrans worldwide. When we go, they and their families can relocate to Islamic Nigeria. He's a useless man.

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