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Tuesday 1 November 2016


Tuesday 01 November, 2016

On the 23rd of October, 2016, the Commissioner of Police, Abia State, Mr Leye Oyebade, maintained that police in the state would not tolerate disruption of peace and order by IPOB and MASSOB, warning that there cannot be a republic of Biafra in a republic of Nigeria.

This new commissioner of police in Abia state talking about Zero tolerance for a republic in a republic is ignorant of the fact that Nigeria has expired and is an illegal institute initiated without permission of her components. Biafra existed ages before the creation of Nigeria by Frederick Lugard. Can Mr. Leye show ua where the "republic of Nigeria" was in the ancient map of the world?....but Biafra exist on that same map.

Now all over the place, you and your fellow assassins in uniform are busy abducting and killing law abiding Biafrans for exercising their inalienable human rights to freedom and freedom of association, all in a bid to preserving Nigeria. Nevertheless, IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu are determined to ensure that the name "Nigeria" is wiped off the world map. The law of natural order must once again be restored.

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They want to intimidate IPOB into jeopardy but they will not succeed as many has paid the ultimate prize for freedom, and many more are willing to do die for the restoration of Biafra; because either way, living in Nigeria itself will lead to untimely death.  We will not jeopardize our struggle for fear of victimization.

Buhari should know that it is not when the rain falls that it enters the ground. Very soon, they will understand that no one can dry up an ocean, IPOB is a mighty ocean that swallows her enemies swiftly.
We are undaunted and the more they abduct, kill and lie against us, the more we multiply like ants covering every angle with resistance and progress.

The earlier they stop this cowardly and fearful approach of harassing and kidnapping innocent citizens, the better they learn to hands off Biafran struggle and save humanity from witnessing another war.

We will not identify our fatherland with left hand, Biafra is our heritage. We will not be cowed into silence because Biafra is our song.

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We will not be threatened to live in fear because Biafra is our peace, our honour, our value and our inheritance. Why is it so hard to make Buhari see the truth? It staring everyone including Nigerian government in the eye. Biafra has arrived, no stopping her!
Stop us if you can but we assure you that you cannot!

November 8, 2016, will be a remarkable day for Biafrans and Nigerians, it will herald a new dimension to the agitation of Biafra. Bringing up  another case on the same date by the Nigerian Judiciary will not prevent history from being made. It doesn’t matter whether or not Justice Binta is Buhari's niece, it will not stop the truth from prevailing at the Ecowas court. Chukwu Okike will definitely disgrace the fraudulent efforts of Buhari.

A clear conscience fears no accusation and for over a year we have waited in vain for our director Nnamdi Kanu to be properly accused and arraigned or legally charged, but for lack of evidence, Buhari and his cohort keeps jumping from pillar to post in search of corrupt judges to jail Kanu for him. This time, we eagerly await the  game plan or to witness how evil can overcome good.

Records will definitely be opened and nothing will dent the flow of justice this time around, both with the High court and ECOWAS.
We are waiting, come November 8th,  the world will be at alert.

Victoria. O. C. Agangan
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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