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Saturday 9 July 2016



9th July 2016

The blind can see it, the deaf can hear it, even the common man can now fathom it - the British agenda in Africa. Africa was made an experimental laboratory for Britain’s amusement and the approach was, "First to venture, wins it all"

They came in different guises - as missionaries, as merchants, as politicians etc. In all these attempts, Biafra made herself a hard nut to crack, with a system of government uncommon in Africa or anywhere in the world. It got these unremitting enemies of Biafra thinking and the journey began. 
RELATED: SHAMELESS HYPOCRITES,THE BRITISH , LEAVES THE EU BUT WANTS BIAFRA For Biafra’s unwillingness to freely relinquish her children as slaves, Britain introduced kidnapping (Olauda Ekwuano was a victim), for Biafra’s diffidence to give away her invaluable artworks (sometimes used as an object of worship), Britain destroyed an entire community to steal from it. For refusing their orders, Britain killed our people. 

Our arts became too demonic for us but angelic for their museums. Our ancestors were painted to be demons while theirs should be moulded and revered. Finally, we were amalgamated with total strangers who have no values in common with us - just in the bid to further frustrate these peculiar breeds of the black race (Biafrans). These and much more, we fought and are still fighting – the tyrannous traits inherent in the British government.
RELATED POST: BRITAIN LEAVING EU AND THE HYPOCRISY OF FORCING BIAFRA TO REMAIN IN NIGERIA It has been established, Nigeria was a gift to the ignorant, decadent and feudalistic Hausa-Fulani oligarchy. Britain, having the full knowledge that retaining control over Biafra would be impossible, presumed that merging them with their puppets was the best possible way to achieve that. More to this roguish amalgamation, they structured the country in a way that will perpetually give the Northerners a political advantage over the rest of the country just as they enjoyed in the European Union till lately. 

They incited hatred amongst the Biafran tribes in a "Divide and Rule" manner and ensured that the country was robbed of any trace of tranquillity. To this end, Biafrans began the quest for a better society, a place they will feel belonged, and a place they can call home. Biafrans believed that whatever the Whites can do, they can also do. Biafrans believed in themselves, they believed in true and absolute independence. 

In Ojukwu’s words, "Our struggle is a movement against racial prejudice, in particular against that tendency to regard the black man as culturally, morally, spiritually, intellectually, and physically inferior to the other two major races of the world - the yellow and the white races. This belief in the innate inferiority of the Negro and that his proper place in the world is that of the servant of the other races, has from early days coloured the attitude of the outside world to Negro problems. It still does today’’.

This was why Britain unleashed unspeakable terror on Biafra. Britain, through Nigeria, waged the most dreadful war against Biafrans which consumed an acknowledgeable number of 6 million Biafrans. To this mendacious government of Nigeria, Britain supplied weapons, blockaded Biafra, shut out the media and did all they could to wipe out Biafra from the face of the earth. Yes! They fed us with war, we ate it until it came out from our nostrils. 
READ THIS TOO: THE NEED FOR THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE OF BRITAIN AND NIGERIA TO END AFTER BREXIT FROM EU Today, what do we see? That same Biafra, springing up stronger from different ends of the earth. Chanting her songs of old, songs of freedom, demanding her sovereignty from all forms of real or perceived alien domination. This wounded lion is out again to take its place in the world. Though they were killed on the battleground, the idea seemed to be eternal, this quest for a Biafran home has become a living hope for generations. This time, she is determined to be free from the shackles of the British Empire and the Northern Islamic oligarchy.

Again, Britain is standing on her way. Their fantastically corrupt darling – Nigeria, is faced with an imminent disintegration. Unfortunately for Britain, it came at a time when it is also determined herself, to leave the European Union, it came at a time Biafrans are more equipped to expose their puckish manipulations to the world just by waves. 

All their calls for one-Nigeria have clearly been proven to be hypocritical to the whole world. Their argument for one-Nigeria has become obtuse and witless. They have long denied Biafra of her right to Self-Determination; but no doubt, Biafra has become immune to her malevolent trademark. Biafra is in view.

By Chinedu Ewulu and Amalahueze Eminence Akaeze
Edited by KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta
Published By IkeChukwu NwaOrisa

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