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Wednesday 22 June 2016

THERE IS BIAFRA BEFORE NIGERIA... Buhari should Stop Warning Avengers

THERE IS BIAFRA BEFORE NIGERIA... Buhari should Stop Warning Avengers

The attention of the Biafra Writers has been drawn to a statement made by the tyrant terrorist President of Nigeria, General Mohammadu Buhari at the State House in Abuja on Tuesday night at the breaking of fast dinner for members of the Federal Executive Council. President Buhari was reported as warning the Niger Delta Avengers who are seeking their freedom from the evil enterprise of the British called Nigeria in support of the agitators for the sovereign state of Biafra to stop the agitation for Biafra as they may not have been born by 1967-70 when general Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu led the first agitation for Biafra saying that over two million Nigerians were killed in that war.

This man killed over 3.5 million Biafrans between 1967-70. But he claims Biafrans are their brothers.

He went further to mention the slogan of the greatest genocidist of our time, general Yakubu Gowon when he said "to keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done" adding that they were fighting their brothers. Well, we need to set the record straight here for Buhari to know. First of all, Buhari mentioned the number of Nigerians killed but refused to mention the over 3.5 million Biafran men, women, and children that were either killed by the Nigerian government bombs or by starvation. The over 3.5 million Biafrans killed by Nigerians mean nothing to Buhari. So we are not unaware of the impact of the war on Biafrans.

Second of all, Buhari said Gowon referred to Biafrans as "our brothers". In what way are Biafrans your brothers? Do we speak the same language or do we have the same ancestry? Do we have the same religion or same culture? Do we have or share same value system? In what perspective are Hausa-Fulanis brothers to Biafrans? What has Biafrans got in common with the Hausa-Fulani jihadists. There is no basis for Biafra/Hausa-Fulani brotherhood

The planless, clueless, brainless president of the zoo called Nigeria.

Speaking further, Buhari quoted general Yakubu Gowon as saying .... "But we were quarreling with our brothers, we were not fighting an enemy"... and then somebody is saying that once again, he wants Biafra. It is so bewildering how low the understanding of Mohammadu Buhari is when it comes to the issue of Biafra. Let's make some comparison here.

It is on record that this tyrant dictator Buhari tried to be Nigeria's president by contesting for the office the president in 2008 and failed. He did not retire to fate as he has failed to clinch the presidential seat then, rather he came out again in 2011 to contest for the same office of the president. Again this dullard of Daura failed but did not stop. He threatened fire and brimstone and stampeded the incumbent president, Goodluck Jonathan out of office with the aid of Barack Obama and David Cameron.


The question now for the pedophile of Aso Rock is, why didn't he stop contesting for the presidency when he failed in his first attempt? But he expects Biafrans to abandon Biafra restoration struggle just because Biafra was not achieved in the first attempt. That's the thinking of an uninformed fool.

Buhari went further to say "We have to reflect on the historical antecedents to appreciate what is before us now and what we intend to leave for our children and our grandchildren." Good enough! Does Buhari know that our forefathers do not know about the contraption called Nigeria? We are Biafrans before the coming of the British in 1808 and the subsequent amalgamation that gave birth to Nigeria in 1914. Why is it so difficult for Buhari and the host of his northern elders to realize that we don't need the British to come all the way from Britain to form a country for us. 

Map of Africa showing Biafra drawn even before Fedrick Lugard, the man who formed Nigeria was Born. 

Before the coming of the British, the Hausa-Fulanis have a territory they occupy as their home...a geopolitical space. Do they need the British to know that they are the "Arewas"? Do the Yorubas need the British to educate them of their origin? We Biafrans don't. And that's why we are saying let every nation go back to their pre-colonial status. The British cocktail has expired. And if Buhari thinks that there will be a repeat of 1967-70 scenario, then he is living in cloud-7.

The president was quoted as saying that Nigeria needed a lot of prayers in view of the current economic and security challenges. "We need a lot of prayers. Certainly, with the nation’s economy going down. We haven’t developed the agriculture, we're still trying to talk on those who'll come and develop the solid mineral for us," he said.


That will always be the statement of a planless, clueless leader who knows next to nothing in governance. What economy is he talking about? Does Nigeria have any economy at all? This is not the first time Buhari is sitting as a head of government in Nigeria. The first time was when he committed treason by overthrowing a democratically elected government of Alhaji Shehu Shagari on December 31st, 1983 and assumed the position of a Head of State. 

Just as he is planless and clueless now, same he was then. He embarked on witch-hunting of his perceived enemies without planning and focusing on how to move the country forward economically and developmentally until General Ibrahim Babangida whisked him out of office. He has come in again this time with a more dreading zeal to destroy everything that breaths. 

He promised the monkeys and baboons that voted the terrorist into power of a "CHANGE". And true to his word, he has brought a "CHANJI". There was epileptic electricity when Buhari came in, now he has "changed" it to absolute darkness. The value of the Naira was N165 to One US dollar. Now, "chanji" has pegged the exchange rate to almost N400 to One US dollar. The petrol pump price was N65/liter as at May 29th, 2015 when Buhari took over from Jonathan, but now one liter of petrol is selling at N500. Is this not a great change? 

A bag of rice that sold for N8,000 when Buhari took over is now selling at N25,000. Nigerians asked for CHANGE and Obama and David Cameron of Britain gave them Buhari. Now children are starving. Companies are retrenching their workers and relocating. Meanwhile the dullard of Daura is still talking with those who will come to develop their solid mineral while the agricultural sector is yet to be other words, he is also waiting for foreign expatriates to come and teach Nigerians how to dig the ground and plant crops to feed the nation....or better still foreign companies that will bring in the "soil" to plant crops. Magnified fool. He gave a fast-breaking dinner with his senior government officials who dare not advise him in the right direction and right things to do.

Buhari said that the Ramadan provides leaders the opportunity to be more conscious of their responsibilities to the citizens. WONDERFUL! So Buhari believes that it's good for leaders to be conscious of their responsibilities to the citizens. A good leader leads by example. In what area of Buhari's governance in the past 12 months did he prove that he is conscious of his responsibility to the Nigerian citizenry. 

Is it in the financial sector? The central bank is more or less confused about what to do to hold onto the bulging weight of financial mismanagement as a result of Buhari's personal idiotic unworkable financial policies. Is it in the health sector that Buhari has proved he is conscious of his responsibility when the whole hospitals and doctors in Nigeria could not handle a common earache that the president had to travel to Britain and offload the country's treasury just to treat an ear infection. 

Is it in the judiciary that the Nigeria citizen can turn to for respite when he Buhari has destroyed the judiciary by calling a bluff to court orders and incarcerating innocent citizens which court has released and acquitted like Nnamdi Kanu the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television. Fanny Kayode has been arrested and detained for no reason than that he spoke out against the evil Buhari is committing. Dasuki is not left out. So, Buhari cannot talk on the issue of being conscious of his responsibility because he is a law breaker

Buhari said, "Nigeria is the biggest country in Africa, we're the economy engine of Africa,...". Agreed, Nigeria may be the biggest country in Africa, but then what have you got  to show for it except terrorism, ethnic cleansing with your foot soldiers the Boko Haram that is now metamorphosing into cattle herdsmen. In what perspective is Nigeria the economic engine of Africa. What does Nigeria produce which it exports? I know people may say Crude oil. Crude oil is not a manufactured product. Okayyyy...The Minister for Science and Technology Ogbonnaya Onu said recently that Nigeria will start the production of PENCIL by 2019. What a shame and baseless claim.

MUSLIMS PRAY FOR BUHARI: [Video] Angry Nigerian Muslims Praying For Allah To Destroy Buhari's Government

Buhari implored  the cabinet members to be prayerful to God, believing that God in His infinite mercy will listen to our prayers, give us peace, security and better the economy once more so that we can quickly rebuild and even do more for the country. Buhari wants Peace, but when the Indigenous people of Biafra PEACEFULLY asked for the restoration of Biafra, Buhari set out and massacred them in cold blood. How could you have peace in a country being lead by an American CIA confirmed terrorist? For a whole year, Buhari never laid a foundation of any infrastructure, and yet he is here telling the moronic listeners about "quickly rebuild" and do more  for the country.

Nigeria has expired and Britain knows it. There is no way you can manage an expired product without having problems with it. What is remaining for Nigeria now is to dismember and from its ashes emerge the original owners of the land, the Biafrans, the Oduduwas and the Arewas.

Written By IkeChukwu NwaOrisa


  1. No matter how broad the palms , they cannot cover the moon!!!...The bitter truth is that those that are in power today do not live forever.... Biafra outlives them all...

  2. No matter how broad the palms , they cannot cover the moon!!!...The bitter truth is that those that are in power today do not live forever.... Biafra outlives them all...


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