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Saturday 4 June 2016


Beheaded Igbo-Biafran woman by Hausa-Fulani Terrorists been paraded in the city of Kano-Nigeria
Recall that I made a post a day before my birthday baring haters of Biafra from wishing me happy birthday.
Put me in the position of this unfortunate woman that just got beheaded. You wish me long life yet you want me tied to my killers. If my head is separated from my shoulders where will I have the long life and the heaven and earth you wish me? You see why I didn't want your wishes? I knew you're hypocritical.
This woman died because of One Nigeria. You adduce One Nigeria, One Nigeria permits One set of people to kill the other, this woman belongs to the other, today, she has sucked gull of One Nigeria which you help keep in place. Are you not a partaker in her murder? Your tears for her are but open hypocrisy.
She is dead, and it all ends in grammar. We write tall grammar on Facebook and Newspapers, we pour our emotions and express sympathy, and then we get back to our business and await the next victim. The next victim is now awaiting his/her hour. When it does come we will repeat our usual line ... speak tall grammar, pour our emotions, return to our business, and then wait yet the next victim.
It's cyclic, and I tell you it will keep happening. As long as we remain One Nigeria it will keep happening, and whether you like it or not, we are all potential victims ... after all those that have drank of it didn't like it, yet they couldn't escape it. Funny enough the next victim doesn't know he is. It could be you, it could be me ... nobody knows until it happens.
You consider yourself safe because you don't reside in the North? Now recall the Enugu incident and reflect. The victims all shared your thought-pattern. Naturally, someone in his home feels secure as you now do. But right now in their graves, the victims are realizing the opposite as you may soon do. Why do you even think these killings happen only in the North? Hasn't Delta been sharing similar experiences with Enugu? And how about Aba? Okigwe? Port Harcourt? Ogoja? Ebonyi? And the likes?
As long as there is One Nigeria, you and I are not safe anywhere. You may return to your village and go to the farm to pluck corn, and there they are with their cattle, Ak 47 and poisoned daggers. The news will hit social network with the accompanying pictures of your butchered corpse and we will speak grammar on your head as is being done now on the beheaded woman, type RIP for you and your case is settled. So embrace reality and prepare yourself for the likely. 
You could actually be the NEXT VICTIM.
Authored by Yagazie Nelson Ofokar
Published by Chinwe Korie

1 comment

  1. I have never read a piece expressing the true situation of we all in the "wan-nigeria" union as this. Why should we be in union with those whose stocking trade is for the slightedest opportunity to present itself for them to kill us?I still continue to wonder why our people, our politicians, our elder states men and women have not seen this recuring event on Biafrans up till this moment. One Nigeria is evil. One Nigeria is a huge mistate. How could an Hausa man come to my land and kill my people and go scot free? The day our people will realise the danger of one Nigeria on our collective existence, that day is our good morning.


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