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Tuesday 24 May 2016

Why Barr. Emeka was Relieved from being BILIE'S LEGAL ADVISER.

Below is for the records on the so-called Solicitor for the Indigenous People of Biafra popularly known as Barrister Emekaesiri:

Dear brother Oke,

  Barr. Emeka A. C. Emeka accepted our invitation to BILIE Organization and declared his intention and readiness to work with BILIE as its Legal Adviser. He advised us to register BILIE ( BIAFRA LIBERATION IN EXILE ) at the UN (United Nations) and also at Home ( Biafraland ) with the name BILIE Human Rights Initiative for obvious reasons and was paid for the services he rendered to BILIE Organization on the ground that he would not be BILIE member to be able to serve us legally. As time went on, the BILIE Legal Adviser started moves to form a different Organization using BILIE'S materials and human resources. He stopped attending regularly BILIE'S Governing Council meeting as BILIE legal adviser. He started taking decisions without prior reference to BILIE'S Governing Council. When he went home ( Biafraland ) he made consultations without being accompanied  by BILIE'S Deputy Coordinator as instructed by BILIE Governing Council.
Secondly he was instructed to collect all completed BILIE registrations forms and the original BILIE HUMAN RIGHTS INITIATIVE Registration Certificate which he did but refused to hand them over to BILIE'S Administration. We wrote him officially and Phoned him several times to send all the documents he collected from home to BILIE'S Secretariat before our London meeting without response.
      Thirdly he went to see Uwazuruike the MASSOB Leader to talk about BILIE without BILIE'S authorization. Barr. Emeka A. C. Emeka started acting as a legal free-lance and BILIE could not accept this type of behavior. There was no other alternative than to relieve him of his duty as BILIE'S Legal Adviser before we run into more confusion as home people have started agitating and complaining against his activities.
Jisie ike.
Yours Sincerely,
J. C. Madu, MD.

BILIE Sec. General."

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