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Thursday 5 May 2016


It was around 8pm on Monday, 2nd May, 2016, when a bomb was detonated at Kara community market, Ogbaru, Anambra State. Kara is a commercial area where traders from Northern Nigeria sell their products like food stuff, Chicken, and Ram.

According to an eye witness “The bomber is a man who came to the area, mostly populated by the Northerners, and asked for a restaurant to eat. He was directed to the eatery where he dropped his bag and asked for food. He ended up taking a few spoons of the food and leaving the place. Unknown to the people, he left behind a bomb in his bag which was later detonated about 5 minutes after the mystery man left. The explosion ripped the area apart, injuring several people including a woman identified as Chioma.

“The bomber spoke in Hausa language. He looked haggard, like a traveller. Nobody suspected he had evil intentions", another eye-witness. The victims were taken to a private hospital, Chioma Hospital. According to our source, three of the victims who were critically injured were transferred to St. Charles Borromeo Hospital in Onitsha.

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Biafrans should be at high alert because the blood sucking demons will stop at nothing to ensure that we are wiped out from the surface of the earth. Before the bomb blast at Kara in Ogbaru, we have been receiving information that their next plan to be activated is the detonation of bombs in cities around Biafra land, even as the massacering of our people in the rural areas continues.

If you are observant, you will know that these Hausa/Fulani are trooping into Biafra land in their hundreds with lorries everyday. Most of them are the people you see moving around our villages and cities, claiming to be selling goods and services such as: shoe mending, knife sharpening, potatoes, yam, onions, beans, suya (dried meat), kwini kwini, sugar cane, root and herbs, water melon, pot and basin mending, and money changing.

These men are not in Biafra land for no other business than to kill us and take over our land, they are just marking time with those petty businesses waiting for command to exterminate us, take over our land and declare sharia in Biafra land. Many of them have confessed it and one of them said that nothing on earth can stop them because they have been trained and paid.

Biafrans we must monitor them as they enter into the nooks and crannies of our land, we must mobilize ourselves in our various communities and cities and fight them to a stand still. We must defend ourselves and our land. The Police, Army, DSS, Navy and other security agents in Nigeria cannot be trusted, Its obvious that they cannot protect us because the same Hausa/Fulani are at the helm of command including Hitler Muhammadu Buhari. They cannot command their boys to kill their brothers, in fact they are helping them to massacre us.


Adamu Mohammed said “We will make life unbearable for Igbos like they are in Hell, and yet we won't let them have their useless Biafra because the whole of South is a conquered territory. We can never see Yorubas as allies no matter how hard they try to please or serve us because they are born traitors and infidels. Those slaves in the Middle Belt would continue to be willing tools in our hands, and the day they attempt to raise their heads, we will cut off their heads like weeds. I lack words to tell the inconsequential and always crying Niger Delta because what we are waiting for is for President Buhari to declare state of emergency in Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta, then we will show them how to use power.

We are at war with you people but we won't allow the country to breakup because natural resources found in any part of the country is our heritage and birth right. We will continue killing you in large numbers until you are truly submissive to us as your slave masters. We won't stop killing you until we fully takeover your land as a conquered territory. This is not the time to mince words, this is not the time to sugarcoat things, and this is not the time to be economical with the truth, this is nothing but the truth, ignore it at your own peril."

They have brought war to us, and we must therefore defend our lives and the lives of our loved ones with anything at our disposal. It is Biafra or Death.

Written By Chijindu Ukah
Edited By Uche Nwosu
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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