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Thursday 12 May 2016


I remember the story of the Tortoise I was told as a young girl. He had schemed his way to the sky to attend the meeting of the Birds and he would name himself "ALL OF YOU". As the meeting commenced, he took over all the gifts and food meant for all the birds. Each time anything was given, the host asked it be shared amongst 'all of you'. But tortoise hijacked it by claiming that his name was ALL OF YOU.

This is exactly what Buhari, the terror with a CHANGE mission is in Nigeria and to Nigerians. For years he persevered to come back as a civilian head but wisdom prevailed consistently with the people until the duo of Obasanjo and Tinubu with other unnamed cohorts desperate to eject a Southern president, wangled him to "the sky" and he has kept flying non stop since then spreading the calamitous change virus to the chagrin of the citizenry and detriment of the national economy and accolades.


Now the newest award he has won for Nigeria is called "FANTASTICALLY CORRUPT". Kudos! Mr. "ALL OF YOU", "I AM FOR EVERYONE, I AM NOT FOR ANYONE".

A perfect simile in a perfect setting where brains have become dead due to sufferings, insecurity, ignorance and tribal prejudice. Like tortoise, Buhari came with two destructive agenda:

* Islamizing Nigeria
* Taking over our backyards for their grandfather's estate

This is the secret scheme the backstabbing westerners never envisaged. All those that gathered to give him wings to fly, like the birds gave the tortoise never knew these. They kept shouting like dullards, Change! Change!

Now, these same zombies are waning and wailing! The weight of the change is weighing them down. No electric power but high tarrif. Long queues for fuel with high, inflated prices. No good roads as many die each day by accidents. Hunger is lingering as shadows on the doorposts of suffering masses while Tortoise Buhari is at ease globetrotting, in first class jets.

Any opposition is haunted by his mafia security forces, DSS and EFCC. He controls the economy as the Minister for Petroleum and rules the Courts as he appoints Judges loyal to his biddings. He intimidates his opponents by media lies, and Fulani Herdsmen and his henchmen, Boko Haram, make sure he keeps to his Islamizing strategy by their guerrilla strikes.


His greatest opposition are the Biafrans. He kidnapped the Radio Biafra Director-Nnamdi Kanu, who has become a thorn in his flesh, a boil in his scrotum and a big bone in his throat. He refused to let Nnamdi Kanu go after various law courts acquitted him, and has insisted on bringing up absurd allegations without any witnesses nor evidences.

When Biafrans reacted in a peaceful protest he sent his military personnel against them, shooting and killing with utter disregard to their fundamental human rights, and till date, they have continued to annihilate, incarcerate, kidnap and murder Biafrans.

As if that is not enough, Mr. ALL OF YOU is not done yet. So, here comes the cloned Boko Haram/Fulani herdsmen with their cattle forcefully invading peasants farmlands, destroying their year's labour in a jive, raping our girls and wives and killing our kith and kin.

Yet, Tortoise Buhari intends to have it all, he declares that nobody can drive him and his people from our land that he fought and killed Biafrans for. He vowed to kill more or all of Biafrans to keep their land and their oil wells.


For the conclusion of Mr. ALL OF YOU tale, the birds finally realized their mistakes after Tortoise had finished their food, so they carried him halfway and left him to fall from the sky, and this is why according to the story, the tortoise has cracked shells.

Now, what is awaiting Tortoise Buhari is worse than just cracks as he has declared and announced his DEATH. He has promised to jump into the ocean with his lineage rather than Biafra to come and his wish will be our command. Biafra has come and cannot be neglected. The will of the God of our ancestors (Chukwuokike Abhiama) cannot be erased.
The Sun must rise from the East and no demon can stop her. Many wars about her has resounded through the ages:

The Aba women Riot, 1929,
The Ekumeku war, 1883- 1914,
The Biafran war, 1967-1970
And now, in a modern era, the story has not changed but advanced. The ripples that will announce her welcome, no one can withstand. Like an angry hail, she is rushing forward to take her place and no obstacle will be allowed.

Anybody who tries to become a terror to Biafra will fall like Goliath did in front of David. Anyone who decrees against Biafra and tries to refuse her freedom, or for her to go and serve her God will perish rightly in the Ocean as PHARAOH, and like BUHARI has predicted.  One word is enough for the wise!

Written By: Victoria O.C Agangan
Edited By: Uche Nwosu
Published By: Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers


  1. I never really liked Buhari but I decided to watch his government and pray he succeeds in the much anticipated change he preached.. Earlier, when I read or hear what people say about him I write some off as exaggerated but it can't all be a coincidence for there's no smoke without a fire. I'll keep praying God reveals the whole truth.

    On the issue of Biafra, I believe one has the right to decide not to be a part of something anymore and considering the fact that Biafra was in existence before Nigeria, I see no wrong in the need for independence. I urge my fellow Igbos to keep doing what they are doing peacefully to avoid bloodshed and also because Buhari, (the proposed enemy) has the power at the moment as the president.

    I pray for Nigeria and I pray for Biafra. Let God's will be done. Amen.

  2. If Buhari is a man of peace, he should be seeking dialogue and peace process - but his actions and statements so far shows he's a brute human being. Biafrans must begin now to prepare themselves because the jihadist president is not going to give up on Biafra without violence and war. I must assure you that now - unless something happens to him and he vacates office. He’s a stupid and foolish man.

  3. Buhari was a General,former Head of States and more than 70years of age now which means you have seen it all and mean enough.. He tried by all means to get back to power 2011 by shedding blood and succeeded 2015.. For several months he stayed in the office all by himself without appointing any minister and when he did, appointed more than 90% from the north because according to him they voted for him.. He goes ahead to politically and economically victimise mostly the south-easterners openly without mixing words.. If the truth should be said, the south-easterners are the most populated and literate tribe and they contributed more to the economy than any other ( these are the Biafrans ) The export of cotton, groundnut, cocoa, rubber and other resources which was the main sources of income for Nigeria where abandon and now based on oil alone from the south-east of which 90% of the oil blocs are taken by the northerners and yet the south-east are been marginalised because Buhari is careless since his target this time around is not to lead as a President but to Islamise the country violently were we have 50% or more as Christians.. When the south-easterners are seen to be pushed to the wall once again and call for freedom and self-determination through peaceful protest, Buhari order the arm-forces to shoot and kill the innocent civilians and arrested/detaine many including the Biafran leader Nnamdi kanu.. Boko haram has succeeded in killing thousands of Christians and destroyed many churches in the north and now they are advancing down to the south through the so called herdsmen whose private business is to rear cattle, and now believe it or not, they will intentionally send their cattle to feed on other people's farm, which their source of living and at the same time shoot and kill you with their AK47 if you complain and Buhari is careless.. The court has granted bail severally Nnamdi Kanu to be released unconditionally but Buhari refused.. The masses are suffering, no jobs, no electricity, no good roads, high cost of food stuff/fuel etc.. We need our freedom.. free BIAFRA.

  4. Be that as it may, fortunately I've discovered locales, which don't have these issues.
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