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Friday 6 May 2016


Their show of bravery is that of a coward who is ashamed to admit his weaknesses and deficiencies. They want to arrogantly steal our resources instead of waiting for crumbs to fall off our tables or beg us for it as their custom approves. Now, they know that everyone is aware that Nigeria has died naturally and that they will be bereft of our oil and rich mineral and human resources, so they lament like spoilt brats. They decide to cling unto the inevitable.

Biafra is blessed by the Almighty, her people know and worship Him and he has also blessed our hands that our efforts breed great dividends. Like he led the Israelites for forty years and their clothes and shoes never waned, so he brought us from the miry clay to greater heights after the Biafran war with only twenty 20 pounds.

To the Western and Northern parts of Nigeria, Biafra is the nerve center, we are the oxygen they survive with yet they hate us. We breathe life into their dead villages and give strength to their economy to the extent that we build beautiful mansions and bungalows for them, beautifying their lands and yet they continue to show unreserved hatred for us.


We turn their dirt-filled lands into estates and import foreign products to boost their looks, while we neglect our own land to penury and lack in infrastructure. The west is willing to dance halfheartedly to the tunes of our woes as long as our oxygen do not cease.  The north will only play along until they have taken over our entirety crookedly and forcefully.

 They despise our all round superior strengths and self-yielding potentials and they desire to suppress our supremacy by creating  disunity amongst us. They want to humble us and refer to us as a conquered people. Therefore, they have planned to divide us against each other, hence, they created the vicious and divisive “South-South”, “South-East”, “Niger-Delta” nomenclatures, etc.

What is the meaning of these names? We give our children and places meaningful names? What then is the meaning of South-South, etc.? Is there any geographical region known as West-West or North-North? It is high time we said “No” to this trickery and embrace our origin and legacy with love and warmth. The similarities we posses are undeniable, yet we allow savages of different ideologies and traditions to tear us apart, why?


They try to break us because without our oxygen, they are doomed and so, they plot to have it all after we must have destroyed ourselves, they want to checkmate us to the end, but now is the time to cut our ties and cease their life lines so we can be in peace. I will not plot against my brethren because we posses the same fate and ideological stance. if a child does not resemble his mother or father, is he not a vagabond? So these vagabonds gulp our oxygen and for greed they have invaded our land. Seeking to utterly destroy us and take all of it for themselves.

Like the thief in the night, they sneak into our land with craftiness but we need to cut our oxygen supply from their reach and prevent unnecessary regrets for all of us. A stitch in time saves nine! The time to take dominion of our domain is now. We should not wait until mayhem is unleashed on us. The harvest is due, the time is now and we have to take the bull by the horn.

The Almighty never instructed us to will away our heritage in stupidity but instructed that our borders must be maintained. Let us maintain what is ours and fortify our fortress. The night comes when no man can work, therefore we must begin to search for the black goat when there is daylight. The savagery invaders are here but as strangers, they cannot overcome the Landlords.

Written By Victoria. O. C. Agangan
Edited by KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta 
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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