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Thursday 12 May 2016


There are certain unexplained, mysterious, phenomenon trailing Nigeria since after her  war of genocide on Biafra. That unexplained mystery is the incessant increase in the pump price of premium moto spirit (pms) generally known as petrol in Nigeria right from 1973  about three years after the civil war when Yakubu Gowon increased fuel pump price by 40% from 6 kobo to 8.4 kobo.  Since then, this trend has been followed by subsequent admistration since 43 years till date.

Some political analysts indicate that this norm could be a cocealed Northern oligarchy ploy to hold the masses at ransom considering the fact that no cogent reasons have ever been given by the subsequent administration except on the usual premise of blaming the economy as one analyst wrote: " The Federal Government always present fuel price hike as the solution to the problems in the economy anytime the want to increase the pump price of petrol."
While the analysts believes strongly that constant hike of pump price of petrol bear a delibrate political imprint, stressing that the ruling class purposely devised that as a ploy to enrich themselves and wondered why some of the  subsequent administration like Buhari in his first regime  did not increase petrol pump price but allowed it to remain the way he inherited it from Shehu Shagari administration, while Abdusalami Abubakar reduced the price from 25  to 20 naira after his first increase from 11 to 25 naira.   

The religous group or what we may term 'spiritualists' differs much in their own view about the incessant increase of petrol pump price in Nigeria, calling it a Plague! They cited the long list of the past administration that have increased pump price of petrol since 1970 to GoodLuck Jonathan administration to be ten presidents, which is a replica of the ten plagues  God Almighty hit Egyt when their leader Pharaoh refused to grant freedom to the people of God, stressing that Biafrans are children of Chukwuokike Abiama Who always punish people or nations that maltreat His people.


The group futher buttressed that all the countries  that backed Nigeria to fight Biafra have either disintegrated or at the verge of war, economic woes or any other menace. It would be recalled that the former Yugoslavia was against Biafra Independent but today Yugoslavia have disappeared from the world map. From The ashes of its carcass now emerged other new nations as a deterrent to other countries that could foster the suffering of other nation instead of condemning injustices.

Recall that in 2011, the very deceptive and tyrant agent of CHANGE, Muhammadu Buhari lambasted Goodluck Jonathan's regime of milking the country dry under the guise of fuel subsidy removal. According to Buhari when he was still fighting tooth and nail to usurp power by all means under the CPC party, he said that fuel subsidy removal is a fraud. 
Now what do we call a man who used this to hijack power from his predecessor and still use this same fuel subsidy removal as an excuse to inflate price of petrol from N87 to N145?

Read also:SUBSIDY REMOVAL A FRAUD....Did President Buhari lie about fuel subsidy removal in 2011?

In Africa, there were other countries that stood against Biafra Independence, Sudan and Libya.
Today Sudan is divided into two separate Countries and Libya have passed through horrible war to teach hnmanity that sitting on other nations inalienable right is a gross injustice that must surely be visited by God who fought the first war of freedom in Egypt captioned "LET MY PEOPLE GO."  A careful observation and study shows clearly that the problem with Nigeria is more of a spiritual chastisement than political and would not stop until she does her needful tikkum of letting Bifra go.

On the 11th May, 2016, government increase on petrol pump price from N87 to N145 per litre, has once again cast strong conviction that the festering sores of the enclave is only curable on one condition - to let Biafra go, if not things will continue the way it is or even on a more serious scale until Nigeria becomes completely decimated and consumed by the fire of her insatiable filthy lurkers to prove to the skeptics that God Who fought for His people remains the same to always fight the course of His people.

Written By Heritage Ezza 
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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