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Thursday 7 April 2016


Fulani, the wandering nomadic tribe of Africa has through the ages, initiated kidnap and abduction of young girls between the ages of nine (9) and fifteen (15) as their most effective means of intertribal marriage and gaining religious converts. Such is the shameful story of the so-called Emir of Kano, Malam Mohammadu Sanusi II, Senator Yerima and other Northern elites in Nigeria, whose insane libido and thirst for sexual intercourse with a minor is unquenchable.

Child marriage, one of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals 4 & 5 is a gross violation of the right of girls by exposing them to the risks of early pregnancy, child bearing, and motherhood before they are physically and physiologically ready. According to Nyaradzaryi Gumbonzvanda, ''Early marriage and child marriage robs the future. Girls lose the opportunity for education. They lose the opportunity to choose their partner and must live with that pain for the rest of their lives.’’

Legally, child marriage is a criminal offense. According to Section 361 and 362 of the Criminal Code. Sec 361: ''Any person who, with intent to marry or carnally know a female of any age, or cause her to be married, or carnally known by any other person, takes her away, or detains her, against her will, is guilty of a felony, and is liable to imprisonment for seven (7) years.''


Sec 362: ''Any person who unlawfully takes an unmarried girls under the age of sixteen (16) years out of custody or protection of her father or mother or other person having the lawful or change of her, and against the will of such father or mother or other person, is guilty of a misdemeanor, and is liable to imprisonment for two (2) years.’’

Still, with the knowledge of all the legal and medical implications of pedophilic marriage, thirty-five (35) shameless senators went ahead in July 2013 to vote in favour of Underage Marriage Bill to satisfy their animalistic tendencies. The thirty-five (35) senators majorly of Hausa/Fulani descents who have employed their kinsmen
(Fulani herdsmen) as their foot soldiers are:
(1) Sen. Abdulamumia M. Hassan (Jigawa South)
(2) Sen. Abdulahi Danladi (Jigawa North)
(3) Sen. Adamu Abdulahi (Nasarawa West)
(4) Sen. Ahmed Barata (Adamawa South)
(5) Sen. Akinyelure Ayo (Ondo Central)
(6) Sen. Alkali Saidu A. (Gombe North)
(7) Sen. Bagudu Abubakar A. (Kebbi Central)
(8) Sen. Dahiru Umaru (Sokoto South)
(9) Sen. Galaudu Isa (Kebbi North)
(10) Sen. Garba Gamawa (Bauchi North)
(11) Sen. Danjuma Goje Mohammed (Gombe Central)
(12) Sen. Gobir Ibrahim (Sokoto East)
(13) Sen. Gumba Adamu Ibrahim (Bauchi South)
(14) Sen. Hadi Sinka (Kastina State)
(15) Sen. Ibrahim Bukar Abba (Yobe East)
(16) Sen. Jajere Alkali (Yobe South)
(17) Sen. Jirilla Mohammed (Adamawa South)
(18) Sen. Kabiru Gaya (Kano South)
(19) Sen. Lafiagi Mohammed (Kwara North)
(20) Sen. Lawan Ahmed (Yobe North)
(21) Sen. Musa Ibrahim (Niger North)
(22) Sen. Maccido Mohammed (Sokoto North)
(23) Sen. Ndume Mohammed Ali (Borno South)
(24) Sen. Sadiq A. Yaradua (Kastina Central)
(25) Sen. Saleh Mohammed (Kaduna Central)
(26) Sen. Tukur Bello (Adamawa Central)
(27) Sen. Ugbesia Odion (Edo Central)
(28) Sen. Umar Abubakar (Taraba Central)
(29) Sen. Usman Abdulaziz (Jigawa North East)
(30) Sen. Ya’au Sahabi (Zamfara West)
(31) Sen. Zanna Ahmed (Borno Central)
(32) Sen. Ahmad Rufai Sani (Zamfara West)
(33) Sen. Ahmad Abdul Ningi (Bauchi Central)
(34) Sen. Bello Hayato Gwano (Kano North)
(35) Sen. Ibrahim Abu (Katsina South).


There is an Igbo adage had it that ''When an evil act is practiced over a period of time, it becomes a custom.'' Nigeria has found herself in such a shameful situation, where her first lady is the chief victim of such pedophilic and illegal marriages clad in the cloak of Islamic injunctions and allowances. This act took its leap from 1966 to 1970 when Northern soldiers were more interested in raping and abducting young Biafran girls for marriages and religious converts than securing the lives of such minors.

According to Mr. Erif Spiff, a European Eyewitness during the 1966 progrom ''Bestialities and indignities of all kinds were visited on Biafrans in 1966. In Ikeja Barracks, Biafrans were forcibly fed on a mixture of human urine and faeces. In Northern Nigeria, numerous Biafrans house-wives and nursing mothers were raped before their husbands and children. Young girls were abducted from their homes, working places and schools and forced into sexual intercourse with sick, demented and leprous men.’’

Decades after the end of the genocidal war against the Biafrans by Nigeria, investigations have proven that these abducted girls have finally settled with their abductors as their only option to remain alive. Many of them are still alive as I write, they precisely reside in the famous palaces in Sokoto, Katsina, Kebbi, Kano, and Bauchi. In a personal interview with one of these old women specifically in one of the Sokoto palaces, she narrated how she was kidnapped by the Nigerian soldiers along with other young girls all between the ages of twelve (12) and seventeen (17).
According to her, her abductor forced her to sex before the age of puberty and she had her first child before the age of fifteen (15). She lamented missing her family and bitterly expressed that her deepest agony is that she cannot trace her way back to her people again.

I thus question, how many girls have passed through this tragedy, how many are passing through it and how many are yet to face this same ugly situation? Is life worth living if it should be lived as such? How long will this moral decay continue to expose our young generation to a hopeless fate? The statistics have been on the increase and there seems to be no end to this devilish act.

Recently, it was a public show of shame when Ese a Biafran teenager was abducted, transported to the palace of the Emir of Kano and forcefully married to a pedophile. After many outcries by Biafrans and people of goodwill around the world for the release of this innocent girl. The Nigerian Inspector General of Police, Mr. Solomon Arase, openly stated that Ese’s release is totally dependent on Emir’s (Malam Mohammadu Sanusi II) willingness to return her back to her family. In Inibehe Effiong’s words, ''I strongly recommend that the suspect(Yinusa that kidnapped Ese) be arrested and taken to Bayelsa State to face trial.

In the event that this is not done, the authorities should ensure that Yinusa is diligently prosecuted in Kano State for abduction under Section 273 of the Penal Code and for contracting a void marriage contrary to Section 23 of the Child Rights Act. It is most probable that Ese has been sexually assaulted by her abductor. She needs urgent medical and psychological care and examination. She deserves compensation, not just her physical freedom.’’

More to this, payback time is closer to Nigeria than will ever imagine. Upon the restoration of Biafra, Nigeria will pay heavily for these and many other atrocities committed against our mothers and children.
I therefore wholly and passionately dedicated this article to all the victims of rape and pedophilic and forceful marriages witness in Nigeria and across the globe.

Written By Chinedu Ewulu.
Edited  By  Obioma  Ebere
Published By Nwosu C.S

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