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Friday 1 April 2016


In their scepticism, majority have been asking, “why is it that all the politicians in Biafraland don’t find it important to support Biafra and be free from Nigeria even as the indigenous people of Biafra are legally agitating for the same purpose.” Some have thought that the agitation is a procreation of political conflicts in Nigeria. In the same vein, the corruption in Nigeria which is common among the politicians, makes people think that getting Biafra with these same corrupt politicians will only be tantamount to having an old wine in a new wineskin.

Unravelling these diverse understandings and carving a niche, is the essence of IPOB, as everybody knows, Nigeria is a country whose foundation is built on an incurable corruption. All these politicians have nothing in mind but to kill, bribe, steal and squander public funds and they rest their interest only on things concerning them and their unborn generation forgetting the poor masses. These acts of wickedness, among these politicians have grown out of proportion and the resultant effects are killings, destruction of properties and the opposition to justice for innocent civilians.

We have seen in recemt time, the attitude of the so called Governors towards the extra-judicial killing of Biafrans. These are the supposed protector of their people, turned murderers of same people. Okorocha and his gang has been mandated to ensure that instead of allowing Biafrans to exhibit their right to self determination, they should be gunned down.
It is baffling that our people were not killed while protesting in Lagos and Abuja, but on their home soil.
Recall also that Governor Peter Obi was found complicit in the death of our people found in Ezu river. Their autopsy report was seized by him, to prevent the world from knowing the truth. But Peter Obi, can you hide the truth forever? No!

With the reasons above, it can be more harmful than favourable, to associate them with this struggle for a virgin nation. IPOB believes that these politicians are not worthy to lead them into their promise land. Biafrans worldwide have already made up their minds not to mingle with these corrupt individuals, those who cannot stand against prejudice rather they found interest in enjoying blood money. The resoluteness and the genuineness of IPOB Worldwide is the best of its kind and that is why the indigenous people of Biafra are known with the slogan "WHITER THAN WHITE AND WHITER THAN SNOW"

By MyEminence Akaeze
Edited By KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta
Puished By Nwosu C.S
By Biafra Writers

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