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Friday 1 April 2016


The misrepresented and misconstrued meaning given to the petition sent to the UK government by Nnamdi Kanu's defence Counsels is as a result of defiance to codes of conducts(laid down rules) and unethical practice of journalism prevalent in Nigerian press today.

I always try to stitch together the intention and rationale behind Nigeria's media changing and twisting every story or facts that relates to Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu by the way and insensitive manner they convey an outrageous and totally different or contradictory meanings to please those enemies of Biafra who wants Kanu dead at all cost for daring to speak the truth and exercising his fundamental human rights recognized by the law of the land.
These people has in the alter of healthy and reliable journalism, murdered professionalism due to their acceptance of ill-conceived favouritism and political inducements.

Otherwise how can a so-called professional journalist compromisingly and cowardly surrender their years of resilience and hardwork spent in acquiring knowledge only for it to be bent and tarnished by an uneducated President or other politicians for actualizing their selfish aims?.
This continued nonsensical and unethical practice of journalism in this contraption called Nigeria should be condemned by all mentally sound individuals and organization alike especially the Nigerian Union of Journalists(NUJ).


It is quite disgraceful that in as much as the whole sectors in Nigeria are shattered and in ruins, we expected the journalists to stand out and to uphold the traditional tenets of being the mouth piece of the voiceless and the less privileged who are been denied justice in the society but it is quite sad and pitiable that the reverse is the case.
They have fallen short of the expectations of a common man in the street yearning for a day justice would envelope the space.

For the purposes of clarity, the petition sent to UK government by Kanu's defence Counsels was apparently twisted by this deceitful organization to serve their own selfish and ulterior motives.
They simply gave it a deceptive headline that reads “Kanu petitions UK government to beg Buhari to release him’’, which ultimately changed the whole meaning of the petition to anyone who would not bother reading the full content of the publication.

For the avoidance of doubt, there was no line or paragraph in the said petition that indicated that Kanu or his Counsels was begging to be freed rather the petition was to formally bring to the attention of the British Government the deliberate design by the Nigerian Government to subvert the course of justice in the ongoing trial of treason charges filed against Kanu by the Nigerian government.

The subversion of the course of justice by his persecutiors in the government by using frustrating designs to thwart and render every effort and moves of the Defence team aimed at giving their Clients good legal services useless. The scenario above was the position of the petition sent to the UK government and obviously not to woo or beg them as was been portrayed by Nigeria's dishonorable media houses and news outlets.

That petition which was made available to the public, was also published online in different websites such The Biafra herald, Biafra times, Biafra Telegraph, Radiobiafra sites and on many social media sites and platforms, copies of which was sent to some Nigeria media houses, still they deliberately misinterpreted it and gave it another wrong meaning.


This goes a long way to show that Nigeria's media houses, cannot be trusted. Who in the world will take such kind of people serious? No wonder no Nigerian media has ever won an international award due to their fame and penchant in the publication of junk, untrue and brown envelope journalism.
On the second thought, it can be deduced that they are preparing the minds of the people to receive a comforting story when Kanu eventually wins the case. They will inform gullible Nigerians that Buhari has shown mercy and pardoned Kanu.

Thus glorifying Buhari when Chukwu Okike Abiama finally vindicates the righteous man.
Nnamdi Kanu will never ask or beg anyone for forgiveness because he has not committed any crime.
He will not apologize because has not done anything wrong, rather those who are guilty and has committed war crimes against humanity should tender apology for unjustly infringing on their rights and torturing of innocent people like Kanu and those who professes the name "Biafra".

However and whichever way Nigerian media decides to twist stories about Kanu and malign Biafra, it is not going to stop or deter Biafra from standing as a sovereign and/or independent nation.
We are determined and ready to give up anything until the Biafran flag is raised high as a free nation.
My candid question to chanters of "One Nigeria" is are they ready to die and give up all they have for Nigeria?

Written By Emma Nnaji
Edited By Biafra Writers
Published By Nwosu C.S

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