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Saturday 2 April 2016


The divide among the ethnic groups in Nigeria took another dimension when yesterday, a tribal war broke out between the ranks of the Nigerian Army of the 82 Division Enugu which saw members of the Nigerian army in military uniforms engaging themselves in a bloody shoot out.
According to the source close to the 82 Division Army Barracks, the cause of the shooting and killing which ensued, was as a result of the ill-treatment meted out on Igbo soldiers on some frequent scheduling of tasks and duties within them.

The source further revealed that the Nigerian army of the 82 Division, Enugu was given a mandate to shortlist about 54 soldiers whom will be taking up the task to confront and combat the uprising of Niger Delta militants in the South-South geopolitical zone.
It went further to say that the GOC, Brigadier Gen Ibrahim Attahiru assigned the duty of shortlisting of the armies to executive the task to two commanders who hails from the Northern and South Western Nigeria respectively.
But owing to the disunity, nepotism and tribalism bedeviling the country, these commanders shortlisted 'all' the 54 soldiers from Igbo extraction.

Apparently saddened by the outcome of the one-sided tribal arrangement, one of the enlisted Igbo soldiers confronted the commanders to question the process drafted in enlisting only Igbo soldiers to this mission of death and perdition. The commander it was gathered, immediately picked offence and demanded to know what gave him the temerity and audacity to question him, talk more of conceiving to disobey a military order.

The said commander in a rage, pulled out his gun and shot at this young Igbo soldier on his forehead, killing him instantly at the spot. Another Igbo soldier who was equally among those shortlisted for the mission, immediately withdrew his own gun and fired at the commander, killing him too. He then subsequently directed his assault rifle on the second commander.
It became a battle field as soldiers all surrendered themselves.

The civilians witnessing the show as it unfolds all took to their heels. There would have been a serious blood bath in 82 Division Enugu army barracks but due to the timely intervention of the GOC who calmed the atmosphere of war, it was averted.
As at the time of filing this report, there is no movement around, in and out of the barracks.
We await for more details.

By Ucheagu Chukwuemeka Chimerue.
Reporting live from Enugu For Biafra Writers
Published By Nwosu C.S


  1. That is a better leason to these idiots. That their tribal decissions cannot continue to go ahead without severe opposition. Enough has come to be enough.
    Biafrans in the Zoo arm forces emulate the brave and boldness of your brother here to be your brothers keeper.
    Biafrans, we have stomached enough, and cannot continue to swallow up things hook line and sinker any long, it is time for this EXPIRED FORCED UNION TO COME TO IT'S END.

  2. Though not good for the Military and Nigeria as whole buh I like the courage of the yound lads. Kudos to them and may the soul the young shot lad rest in peace Amen.


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