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Friday 15 April 2016



This is to notify Biafrans all over the world, that we are set to hit the streets once again, but this time like never witnessed before.The ICC prosecutor delegate, who recently arrived Nigeria, has indicated interest to witness our peaceful protest. This is why we say that this protest is going to be one of a kind.
This march is in solidarity with the indefatigable leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, who was kidnapped by Muhammadu Buhari's executive thugs, the DSS. It is also in honour of our fallen heroes who met their untimely death, in the hands of the greatest murderer the world has ever seen- Buhari, through his murderous army.
The peaceful protest shall be kicking off in two weeks time at the most. Date, time and venue will be communicated to all Biafrans via their coordinators.

Recall that during the last occupy protest organised in Aba, Biafrans were tear-gassed, maimed, brutalised and gunned down while singing and praying to God Almighty. They were harmless men and women praying for the release of our leader Nnamdi Kanu, and above all, the quick restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra, at the National High School Aba, Abia State. They were killed simply because they were unarmed-civilized Biafrans, who have always been non-violent.
This gory incident, went viral all over the internet and media houses. It sparked outrage from Biafrans, foreign media and the people of goodwill at large.
Buhari's hatred towards the people of Biafra, although widely unbelievable by many who know him not, became very conspicuous.

The penchant for killing Biafrans with impunity, by the Muhammadu Buhari- led government is an already established fact which the whole of humanity has come to know; through his unremorseful disposition, which became evident especially during his last media chat with the local Television stations in Nigeria, and Aljazeera Tv. When the Interviewer sought to know Buhari's opinion on the Aba massacre by a quick move to play the video, he (Buhari) bluntly refused to watch it. In furtherance of his genocidal disposition, he had the effontery to remind Biafrans of how they were killed in millions, from 1967-1970, by the Chief Genocidist Gen.Yakubu Jack Gowon, under whose command he (Buhari) perpetrated great evil. Buhari played a major role in the Owerri massacre, where harmless civilians including men and women were killed.

We have once again decided to march, we are not going to stop this march. We must march!
This peaceful protest will resound all over the world. The world will be forced to talk about it, especially now that Buhari alongside his menions, are currently  being investigated by the International Criminal Court ( ICC).
It will be  fool-hardy for Muhammadu Hitler Buhari to conceive in the inner recess of his mind that the Aba massacre will demoralise us, No it can never!
Many have died for this noble cause, and as such the thought of conceeding defeat will be too far from us. Their death to us alive, is and will always be our morale and strenght in the face of adversities to come.
If we stop now, their souls will never find rest. Their only consolation will be to see Buhari and his henchmen, the DSS, Army and the Nigerian Police cooling off their eels in the Hague prison, and above all, the total obliteration of the giant fraud called Nigeria, from world map.

Biafrans should sound the alarm, shout it loud, spread the news of this two million man Peaceful mega Protest coming up, because we are about to march again in grand style. This protest will definitely shake and break the foundation of the Lugardian enterprise called Nigeria. This is not a venture for cowards and talkatives, this a noble endeavour for the very hardcore. Those of you who have vowed with Nnamdi Kanu that it is BIAFRA OR DEATH, the time is not tomorrow but now. We march to greatness, victory, but above all, we march unto freedom for Nnamdi Kanu and BIafra!!!

Announcer: Nwosu Chinwendu S
For The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB)

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