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Friday 15 April 2016


Muhammadu Buhari And Chinese President XI Jimping
As a recommendation, I will give my piece of advice to the Chinese president to totally withdraw from helping the divine destitution of Nigeria and its downfall because whatever assistance he renders will be applied negatively. Therefore, his efforts become worthless. How can you intervene for a country whose common heritage is corruption and hunting down on civil rights of its citizenry?

The president of Nigeria; Muhammad Buhari is a tyrant with horror intentions. Any slight opportunity that comes his way is an avenue to bully, illegally detaining and killing of innocent people. Recently, Buhari called Nigerians criminal. What more characterizes such a fellow if not an uncivilized human?

I am perplexed that President XI Jimping of China is not mindful about the misfortunes his country will face if he gets himself into the trap of the Nigerian President. A high profile terrorist who has so far massacred millions of innocent civilians. Swiftly, Africa now has the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Sire Jimping, haven’t you heard that Muhammad Buhari has committed several crimes relating to human right violations? There is no respect for human rights in Nigeria.

The government of Nigeria you are about helping with weapons to fight the insurgency is only trying to lure you into being an accomplice to a human right violation in which the International Criminal Court (ICC) just this week initiated investigations of different forms of human rights abuse upon the Nigerian government. Are you not aware that all the countries the terrorist in power went to seek weapon withdrew themselves from the plot to avoid being held accountable?

President Jimping, I am sure you have read many things about Nigeria and its corrupt state. It is baffling if you can be that extravagant to loan a huge amount of $2 billion for these political carnivores to squander while marginalizing the poor. The terrorist you are giving loan is an illiterate who will mess up your money to equip Islamic soldiers to keep making lives more miserable for Biafrans. I am sure Buhari has nothing in mind than to implicate the president of China XI Jimping and it will be a great tragedy that China will be incriminated if finally they selfishly donate weapons to kill Biafrans. This has been the wicked Nigeria's President; Muhammad Buhari's wish to get help from a foreign land in killing Biafrans.

Written By: Amalahueze Eminence Akaeze 
Edited by: Obioma Ebere
Published By Nwosu C.S
For Biafra Writers

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