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Thursday 7 April 2016

Buhari: “Biafra, SouthEast, SouthSouth were Right”

By Ken Obilor

Wah wah waaaah!“South East and South South lost by not supporting Buhari”
“South East and South South put their eggs in one basket”
“South East and South South miscalculated by not supporting Buhari”
“South East is blinded by tribalism”
“South East was politically naive and lacked sophistication for not supporting change”
“South East will be on the wrong side of history for not supporting Buhari”
“South East miscalculated seriously by not supporting Buhari”Blah blah blah….

Well,with the events playing out, it sure looks to me like the South-East were the WISER ones for refusing to be deceived by the FAKE change and propaganda. When history comes to judge you and you think of the role you played in electing a 73 year-old illiterate tribal supremacist and coup-plotting ex-dictator to rule your country of over 170 million people in the 21st century, would you be proud of yourself?

From “Buhari is a reformed democrat”, the new narrative being pushed by his lapdogs today is “democracy is an obstacle to the war on corruption”. “Let us withdraw the constitution to help Buhari fight corruption”.Your parents queued up for long hours in 1984 for milk, rice and beans; you’d have to be a gullible dimwit to think Buhari gives a damn about you queueing up for long hours in 2016 for fuel.

A people with no knowledge of their history will never be gifted with the skills of retrospective analysis, and are bound to keep repeating their mistakes. This is exactly why it was easy to pick up an expired ethnic bigot and despotic illiterate from the dustbin of history, and dust him up into a “reformed democrat” in the eyes of the gullible, ignorant populace.
It is now obvious that Biafra, SouthEast and SouthSouth were right to reject Buhari.


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