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Thursday 7 April 2016



Esteemed Israel and her great Leaders, Honourable Reuven Rivlin, and Benjamin Netanyahu, allow me to share my thoughts regarding the great State of Israel. I've always admired the Jews right from my childhood. I’ve always read lots of books and watched documentaries regarding Israel. I've seen all that the Israelis have suffered in the hands of the British and the German governments. Israelis have been tortured, enslaved and killed before becoming an Independent state. I admire the strength, courage, and humility of Israel.

I felt terribly bad when I learnt of what Israelis have had to pass through in the past, in the hands of the enemies, but each time I remember how great you have become as a sovereign nation, my heart is filled with joy. Israel is vastly becoming an innovation giant. With just over 7.7 million people, Israel has an estimated 4,800 startups, many of which are high-tech based. The combination of Israel’s culture, environment, and keen strategy has led to a technological boom.

It’s not only the sheer number of entrepreneurial organizations; it’s also Israelis astonishing, innovative edge. One of the most popular and widely known Israeli technological startups is Waze - a mobile phone-based traffic and navigation application, that’s creating a “driving community,” and is used by nearly 50 million drivers worldwide. OrCam is a startup that has developed a technology which guarantees sight for blind people with functional optic nerves. Phinergy has created a lithium car battery that triples mileage for electric cars. These are just a few instances of the thousands of startups that are vastly making Israel a “startup nation.” We’re hopeful that one day, our own Nation; the Sovereign  State of Biafra, will be as great as their cousin brother, Israel, in all things.

You must know that we, Biafrans, are descendants of the Tribe of Gad (Gad was the seventh son of Jacob, from whom it took its name) which was one of the Tribes of Israel whom, after the Exodus from Egypt, settled on the eastern side of the Jordan River. We suffered and have continued to suffer, just like Israelis did in the past. Biafrans have been tortured, enslaved, marginalized and killed by the British contraption known as Nigeria. Nigerian government has been killing innocent, unarmed, peaceful Biafran protesters, who’re in solidarity with their Leader - Nnamdi Kanu, who has remained in an illegal incarceration and undergoing torture from the Nigerian DSS who falsely accuse him and Biafrans of being Terrorists. Biafrans have never killed anyone, all our protests have always remained peaceful and unarmed, yet, the Nigerian Armed forces continues to kill us.

We Biafrans are requesting our own freedom just like the great state of Israel did, in order to reach its Promised land. We are a resolute people and are determined to achieve our freedom, hence, there's no threat, intimidation nor killing, that will stop us. We demand the immediate and unconditional release of our Leader - Nnamdi Kanu. We Biafrans are calling upon the great nation of Israel, its President - Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister - Honourable Benjamin Netanyahu, to intervene and hear our voices. 

We earnestly seek your support for our universal right to self-determination quest. We implore you to support our quest for freedom, through the United Nations declaration on the rights of indigenous people (UNDRIP). Render a helping hand to free us. Help salvage us from this corrupt, lawless, radically-Islamic, terrorist country – Nigeria. Biafrans can't be part of such country. Biafrans are children of the MostHigh.

Biafra, just like Israel, is a receptive nation, allowing diversity and different viewpoints. This allows for creativity and innovation, by the encouragement of free flow of ideas and collaboration among individuals with varying perspectives. In many ways, Israel and Biafra's strong and unique view of innovation is that “entrepreneurial failure is only an education rather than a badge of dishonor”. We do not punish risk-taking the way many other Nations do.

Biafra is rich in culture and is potentially economically viable. Israel has a lot to benefit from Biafra’s numerous human and natural resources. We are capable of becoming an independent and viable Nation. When Biafra is fully restored, it will become a Republican State and far better than Nigeria in all possible respects, hence Israeli Multinational companies will continue their businesses in a better country, with peaceful, conducive and secure atmosphere and with higher and better prospects.

By Anderline Amamgbo.
Edited By KeneChukwu HalleluYah Okekenta
Published By Ikechukwu Nwaorisa


  1. So help us lord in our race of life

  2. Simply excellent! We must look every where for help. Sovereign State of Biafra must be achieved - if we fail this time, we are all doomed in Islamic Nigeria. Keep up the great work.

  3. Our quest for FREEDOM is unquenchable,we will not relent until #BIAFRANS FREE AND BIAFRA restore no DETOURS and NON-NEGOTIABLE.


  5. Thanks for that. In addition, Biafra Ambassadors should also meet with Israel President and prime Minister in person with Russia President. We need to meet this men live and sit with them and discuss for our way out. I think that is a good idea. Please Biafra Ambassadors should do that as matter of urgency. I love every Biafra and in Biafra we stand. Nigeria Government is playing with fire

    1. I am in full support of your stand. Letters are good for personal contacts are more impressive. We should have leaders of IPOB and other willing Statesmen from Biafra meet with some of these world powers on Biafra Independence.


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