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Saturday 23 April 2016



The Failure of Buhari led administration is no longer a hidden secret. From the day General Muhammadu Hitler Buhari ascended the office the presidency of the Zoological republic of Nigeria, everything in that contraption started to descend downstream. 
I will like to take my reader through a memory lane. Muhammadu Buhari promised to bring a "change" to Nigerians but nobody ventured to ask Buhari, in what direction his change is going to move. But that question now is too late for the answer to the unasked question is glaring for everyone to see. There are very important areas Nigerians expected Buhari's change to tackle. One is the area of security. 2. Economy, 3. Electricity 4. Road 5. Water 6. Fuel supply and 7. Food, to mention just a few. Now let us look at these areas after 10 months of Buhari in office, vis-a-vis prior to 29th May 2015. 


Security: It is a known fact that the number of people, men, women, and children being slaughtered on a daily basis by Boko haram terrorist in the past 10 months of General Buhari's tenure has surpassed the number of people massacred by this terrorist group in the whole of the tenure of the previous administration. The irony of it all is that the terrorists are having a field day in their rampage without any military interruption or interception. 

They operate at random, abduct as many women as their vehicles can take and go away without any soldier firing a shot at them. The villagers are left at their mercy. They rape as many women as they wish to rape and kill the ones they want to slaughter as a goat and take away the ones they wish to take away. No radio report. No Newspaper report. No television report. The head of state president is busy flying around the whole world while the blood of innocent civilians keeps soaking the ground.


Boko haram incursion has extended to many other states since Buhari took over from the previous administration, not just the North Eastern Nigeria. Now the second Branch of Boko haram, the Fulani Herdsmen whom Buhari has equipped with sophisticated assault rifles, AK47s are rampaging the entire geopolitical zones of the contraption called Nigeria and raking havoc to lives and properties. 

Is the Head of state president of Nigeria saying anything? The answer is NO. Over 500 villagers in Agatu village in Benue State Biafra land were massacred in one day by Fulani herdsmen. Has the president of Nigeria said anything? He is deaf and dumb. Was any Fulani herdsman arrested for this massacre? Your guess is as good as mine. They are sacred cows, untouchables. When you do the bidding of your master, who will ask a question.


In Enugu state, southeastern Nigeria, these Fulani Herdsmen have sacked a whole village killing every breathing thing on their way, raping women and destroying crops and farmlands. The youths and people came out to demonstrate, and 70 of them were arrested by the police, but none of the murderers were arrested. Incredible, isn't it? 

These Fulani herdsmen still in Enugu state abducted a Reverend Father and two reverend sisters who were raped and killed. Why is all this happening? This is just because, the head terrorist Muhammadu Buhari is now in power. NOW PEOPLE KNOW IN WHAT DIRECTION BUHARI'S PROMISE OF CHANGE IN THE AREA OF SECURITY IS HEADING. Change is Change, no matter in what direction it is going. Nigerians got what they asked for, courtesy Obama and Cameron.

Economy: Prior to May 29, 2015, the Nigerian Naira exchanged for N150 to the USD dollar. But today, the dollar exchange to almost N400. There is indeed a 'chanji' in the economy. Now the cost of everything money can buy have tripled what it use to be prior to May 29, 2015. Muhammadu Buhari, the head of state, president of Nigeria is illiterate. What does he know about economics? And now in his total application of "nepotism," he has surrounded himself with his fellow almajr  illiterate Fulani brothers and the result is a bastardised economy. 


Now the Nigeria Naira is worth less than a tissue paper in the world market. But Buhari doesn't care as long as he can make Chinese government who cannot see beyond their noses to bring in $6 billion worth of investment into a dead economy. Before the Chinese government will think of coming into Nigeria for any investment, they should try and find out why Liver Brothers [Uniliver] left Nigeria for Ghana. 

They should find out why Dunlop and Michelin Tire manufacturing companies folded its production company in Nigeria and left to a nearby country. Why Airline operator closed and reduced their fleet in Nigeria and sacked over 2000 workers of their labour force. Why did IMF refuse to advance loan to Nigeria? Because they know Nigeria economy is dead and Nigeria cannot pay back any loan given to her now. But China wants to waste her tax payers money on a decayed corruption ridden country. We will see.

Electricity: I will not go all the way to discuss all the other areas that have completely decayed beyond rescue, But two important areas call for the mention...the area of Electricity  and Fuel supply. Since 1970 till date, Nigeria has gone from irregular supply of electricity to epileptic power supply. But since May 29 2015, till date, the chanji which Nigerians voted for, which actually was perfected by Obama and Cameron has changed the epileptic power supply to zero megawatt electricity production that for the first time in the history of any nation known to man, the country called zoological republic of Nigeria, experienced total blackout throughout the Federation. Complete blackout, darkness, all over the contraption called Nigeria. How can anything work in the midst of high scale corruption, from Muhammadu Buhari the president to the legislature down to the judiciary? Every breathing thing in Nigeria is corrupt.

Fuel supply: Now, let me quickly touch on the last area I want to talk on before I look at the possibility of a rescue operation for Nigeria. Let's look at the area of Fuel supply. Nigeria is the highest producer of crude oil in Africa and the third largest producer of crude oil in the world yet this country called Nigeria imports all her petroleum product needs, including petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Engine oil, Grease, in fact even Bitumen for road construction. One may be wondering the type of high-tech engineering required to refine crude oil. Just some columns of steel drums, a heating chamber, some pipes passed through some cooling chambers to condense the vapourised products. That's all. 

This technology is beyond Nigeria, but the dullard president of Nigeria was in United states to attend a meeting where nuclear technology was being discussed. Is this not laughable? A country who does not have the least common technology of crude oil refining wants to embark on nuclear science. Monkeys and Baboons in Agbada and Babariga. Before May 29th, 2015, the pump price of petrol was N75 per litre, and Buhari wants to crucify Jonathan that he is paying fuel subsidy to petrol importers. Now, 10 months down the lane, the pump price of petrol has become N500 per litre, [if you are fortunate to find a petrol station that has the product]. This is the chanji indeed.

Now, the SECURITY of Nigeria is at zero level, Nigeria economy at zero level, Electricity supply at zero level. Britain the slave masters have nothing to offer as advice to Buhari. They are just watching him from the sideline just as spectators sit and watch the once aggressive Bull receive the Bullfighter's sword one after another until it finally falls and bleeds to death. Nigeria is the Bull. It has received several deep stabs of the Bullfighters swords. It is now suffering "internal Bleeding". Soon it will vomit blood, collapse and die. 

But No America wants to play the gods and save the dying Bull. To this end, Barak Obama of United states of America, the most corrupt president in the history of the United states has sent a team of magic performing technocrats to come to the rescue and save the already dead country called Nigeria, which the American CIA predicted wouldn't last beyond 2015. There are 42 of them. So now, America is new colonial masters of Nigeria. Britain has failed to save her from imminent collapse. 

READ THIS TOO: Obama sends 42 US officials to assist Buhari

Now Obama is aware that he is the most wicked President America have produced. Obama is quite aware that Buhari is an empty brain, [who doesn't have the minimum academic qualification], yet he sent his campaign strategist to come and strategize the rigging out of the incumbent president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in place of an unqualified candidate who is a CIA certified terrorist. Barak Obama of United States of America and David Cameron of Britain are responsible for the death of over 10,000 innocent citizens of Nigeria massacred by Buhari through his Boko haram terrorists and the Fulani herdsmen, the Nigeria army and navy because they know quite well that Buhari is  a terrorist.

So what is the 42 official going to do to ensure that Boko haram and Fulani Herdsmen stop slaughtering innocent Nigerians? It will be recalled that America was in the forefront in the search for the inexistent CHIBOK GIRLS, with all their drones and satellite technology. Where are the Chibok Girls today, America does not know. Obama is sending top government officials to help Nigeria on Security. We are watching. Biafrans are watching.

What is the US delegation going to do to make Nigeria have electricity? Would they have to go and manage NEPA? Or they will suggest to the Dullard how electricity is generated and distributed? We are watching. What are the 42-man official American delegates going to do to make Nigeria Naira come to 150 to the dollar? We are watching. Whatever is the instruction of the coach in a football match depends on what the players on the pitch decide to do with their feet. 

We should remember that the best coach does not automatically produce a winning team because winning comes from what the players do on the football pitch. So Obama can send 1000 top government official to Nigeria, they can bring out the best ideas [there has always been good economic plans, security plans etc] but the question is who is going to implement it? The endemically corrupt Nigerian officials?

Are Nigerians not aware of what it takes to refine crude oil? Are Nigerian government not aware of what it takes to generate steady electricity? Did Nnamdi Kanu not once tell Nigeria government [on Radio Biafra live broadcast] what they needed to do to stabilize the Naira? Nigeria is Finished. Nigeria is Dead. No amount of panacea can save her. She is a dying Bull whose heart has been punctured by the bull fighter's stab. No American solution will save Nigeria. Unless of course a Nigeria made up of only the Arewa Nation, because, the sovereign state of Biafra is free and gone away. Oduduwa nation will be too stupid to linger with the Arewas.

Written By Ikechukwu Nwaorisa


  1. It ain't enough he is screwing America, he has spread his great policies to Nigeria!

  2. It ain't enough he is screwing America, he has spread his great policies to Nigeria!

  3. Nigerians wake up to this Obama/Buhari saga. Alias, in the midst of Buhari's economic depression will now pick up another heavy financial tag from Obama. Who pays for all this nonsense. Nigeria has whatever it will take to uplift herself from the economic woes that Buhari created. The problem is that he has to understand that Nigeria cannot be ruled by appointing Fulani/Duala renegades in power. Right now we are forced to have two sets of Federal cabinets one locally formulated by and for Buhari’s Islamic tendencies and the other by the Obama strategic grab machine. NIGERIANS WHO PAYS FOR ALL THIS PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED OR DECIEVED ASK QUESTIONS, PROTEST AND SPEAK UP.


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