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Friday 4 March 2016


The word OHA NA EZE as an Igbo sentence simply means "OHA" means the people, while "NA" means and, while the "EZE" means the king. These three phrases has been popular in the Igbo tradition to lay emphasis on the mutual relationship between the Igbo people and their leaders "EZE". Before the advent of the British colonial dictators, Eze has been the source of governance that the Igbo people rely on in making decision, in settling disputes, in trade decision, conflict resolutions and in consulting of Chukwu "God" not like the other cultures, the Igbos believe in Chiukwu Ahbiama that is why they are always prosperous But the word OHA NA EZE has been selfishly harnessed for enrichment of some particular group, misguided miscreants, we want to tell you people that are destroying the name OHA NA EZE that for selfish interest and enslavement we are tired of your leaderships and representations, of your advices and corruption, of your killings and false testification, i call you people OHA NA EZE NDI OSHI as our able director Nnamdi Kanu use to say.You people has been a shame to us, to our children, we don't have pride anymore because of your carlous behavior, after the killing in Onitsha and Aba you people went in the name of Ndigbo and Oha na eze to congratulate the president of the zoo for killing of his (innocent Biafrans) enemies, we know everything that happened in Abuja, we heard every bit of the conversation. I prefer to die than to live like a slave in my father land. Biafra is our birthright and nobody will take that away from us. Ohaneze ndi igbo are bunch of frustrated he-goats trying to do everything necessary to eat yam from the masters barn. The OHA NA EZE are the ifeajuna of our time, They should be prepared to go on exile or risk extermination, the wage of betrayal is eternal condemnation.

Written by 
Philip Okeke for IPOB Writters


  1. Does ohanaeze ndi Igbo not have any other agenda? If you don't Biafra, then, don't put your mouth in anything that has to do with Biafra. Leave the agitation and agitators alone."Egbu forbids eating lizard but they take lizard stork"- Igbo proverb

  2. Biafra struggle
    God doesn't support creation of a country called biafra but an independent state within for a country called biafra is a called to mass murder of all biafra with onetime missile bomb and all of you are gone.God has greater plan for you to rule over all your enemies and put them under your very foot.if you listen to God purpose for humanity church family marraiage the world . under the law of right And wrong God as the judge.
    Quit the fight for biafran country and fight for God purpose for humanity church family marriage and the world.if you like hear if not do you wish and see the result of your wrong action without God. Drs no light in struggle for biafra as a country of its own but and independent state within Nigeria and the name of this country needs to be changed to united states of Nigeria to nullify every transaction that has keep dz country tied to destruction and antics of the devil. So that we can start on fresh new page building and input what unites us into the constitution and eliminate that that divide us.
    1common language for all,
    All english speaking people
    This four cardinal point should guide every Nation that want to suffer the wrath of supreme master of the universe. The I am that i am.
    I have spoken


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