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Friday 4 March 2016


There has been a serious war and chaos at Agiliti area of Mile 12 between the Yorubas and Hausas. Its been a 3day disastrous free for all fight. Broken bottles and burnt tyres can be seen on the road, scores feared dead. This however, is not the first time Hausas have brought war to Yorubas in their home, what baffles me most is the refusal of the Yoruba's to learn from history. Betraying the south and forming a political alliance with Hausas couldn't save them this time again, as expected.

On July 18 and 19, 1999 there were clashes in Sagumu between the Yorubas and Hausas. Over 60 people were killed in the clashes and thousands fleed their homes, there were burnt corpses in the street and buildings set on fire. On  July 24 and 25 same year, Further ethnic conflicts occurred in the northern city of Kano; the attacks on the minority Yorubas were reportedly in retaliation for the clash in Sagumu, over 100 Yorubas were killed and  Ten thousand Yorubas were forced to seek refuge in army barracks and at police headquarters. This is just to mention a few, history has a lot more on such tribal wars between Hausas and Yorubas.
So much more, the abduction, annihilation and disregard for Yoruba leaders and politicians is another area worth looking at;  The abduction of one of the foremost Yoruba leaders and ex-Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Chief Olu Falae, by Fulani herdsmen. Also, In 1965, the outgoing General Officer Commanding, Major-General Welby-Everard recommended Ogundipe as his replacement, however, Ogundipe could not assert his authority over the northern troops. Ogundipe’s orders

met refusal from the northern troops, The “limit" came for the Brigadier when a northern Sergeant quipped to him: "I
do not take orders from you until my (northern) captain comes". To a seasoned professional soldier like Ogundipe (accustomed to unquestioning obedience of his orders during a military career spanning over 20 years), such disobedience was beyond comprehension. A northern private similarly refused to obey orders from the Military Governor of Lagos State; Major Mobolaji Johnson. For Brigadier Ogundipe, Convinced that he was to be the next target of the northern soldiers when Gowon became head of state, he departed with his pistol, to emerge in London as Nigeria's High Commissioner in the United Kingdom. History reveals so much more than I can discuss.

The unanswerable question remains, why do the Yorubas keep falling prey to the political tactics of the Hausas in the face of a parasitic relationship? Similar occurrence repeated itself in the 2015 election, and just 9months down the line, the Yorubas for whose constant betrayal of the southern course an Hausa man became President have been forgotten, and even engaged in a fight by Hausas in their own home. Although I know this might just be the beginning for the Yourubas who have refused to learn from history, I also can't help but to pity them.

These occurrences keeps me wondering what the situation would be like for the Yorubas by the time Biafrans secede leaving them behind with the Hausas, I can tell that they might be enslaved by the Hausas to the extent of rearing their cows for them.

Written by ken Pat

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